Why Protection Spells Work

Protection spells are one of the most comply workings of witchcraft by both practitioners and even those that condemn witchcraft in the form of prayers to protect loved ones. Protection spells give us peace of mind, give us something to hold on to in times of trauma, and allow us to express our love for others when we protect them. Anyone who watches the results of protection spells sees just how effective they can be from preventing the closest of calls to acting like a pillow buffering the traffic effects of life’s lower points.

For me I have watched protection spells keep my husband from feeling the effects of too much alcohol until he took the spell off to help him not only walk away but jump up after being hit on his motorcycle by a speeding car. A crash that surely should have left him with more than a small hairline crack in a bone near his knee that only kept him uncomfortable for about two weeks and not cast needed. In fact, he should have been crushed. The car’s front end had been smashed and the axle broken when they hit him.

What exactly is a protection spell?

There are a wide range of spells that you can do for protection. From lighting a white candle or a black candle to simply asking the universe or your god of choice to protect yourself or a loved one, protection spells are essentially limitless.

A protection spell is the use of your own energy with the intention of protecting yourself or someone else from everyday life to protect you in major situations. We perform many little protection spells on a regular basis that often go un noticed like giving someone a hug and telling them to come home safe, or running to check on your infant placing your hand on their chest to be sure they are breathing rubbing a bit of love and protection off on your child in the night.

Why do protection spells actually work?

Protection spells, even Christian prayers work because when we perform them we put our intentions and energy into the spell to sort of wrap our loved ones in a bubble of protection.

For the spell I made for my husband it is a set of black obsidian beads hand-knotted together with intention. He can wear that have been charged with my energy with the intention of protecting him even from himself. When he carries those beads with him, he is carrying that nice soft fluffy pillow of sorts that I have made for him filled with my love for him. That pillow cushions the impact of everything life throws at him.

This spell works so well because it has been charged with so much love and energy. Each bead was threaded and knotted while I poured my love into it.

I have a group of friends and when one of us needs protection we put out the call into a group chat so that anyone that sees it can give us a boost. This has such a calming effect that when I find myself in a potential situation I can walk into the flames with my head held high and a steady hand no matter how much I was shaking beforehand. The night I was shot I put out a call for help and went from signs of a collapsed lung to doctors wondering how I was so calm and seemingly perfectly fine despite what x-rays had shown the path of the bullet still in my body had taken.

When that call goes out most of us perform a bubble spell. Where we wrap the person seeking help in a big pink bubble or my favorite an energy spril where I write them in a tornado vortex of protective energy that things tend to bounce off of. These spells work as a quick to put up a barrier between the target and whatever they are facing. Major storms, vehicle troubles on the freeway, and issues with strange men who suddenly lose interest once protection has been placed are just some examples of when these spells have been used.

Like how these work by directing the energy around the target spells like prayers that are simply pleading with their god of choice has the same billowing effect. You whether you realize what you are doing or not are wrapping the target in the love and desire for protection that led you to beg your god for their safety. A powerful spell even if most pantheons will not call it that.

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