We are happy to partner with others to help build an amazing community. Whether you want an honest review on your product or if you would like to submit content to this site you can contact Autumn Moon at GroundedInTheEarth@gmail.com to make arrangments.

We are currently looking for books, products, and websites to share with the pagan community. As I fill in the 2020 calendar I would love to feature businesses run by pagans at no charge. If you are a proud pagan business owner feel free to contact me to arrange a feature on my site.

I am looking to work with brands, authors, and crafters that bring value and knowledge to the Pagan community. While this site is in its early years I dream of it one day being a pillar of the pagan community, A safe place for new Pagans to come to learn and explore the craft, a hub for parents of pagan children to find advice, lessons, and truth to help them on this journey, and a home for a brighter future for all that walk this magical path. If you would like to help build this dream please take a moment to contact me so we can work together.