We are happy to help pagans and witches of all types find advice, guidance and community in an open and loving environment.  We can’t wait to help you journey on your chosen path. 

pagan parenting tips

Join us for Pagan Parenting topics from everyday life to homeschooling and teaching young witches.

Learn how to DIY your witchcraft and make from tools to making your own salves and candles. I have so much in store for you.

Learn about herbs in amazing detail from growing and foraging to using in food, health, and magic.

Find encouragement as you discover your own path as a new witch or walk the winding trail you have grown to love.

Get to know the Auther of Grounded In The Earth

While this site features other authors in the pagan community the main writer is Jenn Gerlach a mom of 6 with over 25 years of experience in eclectic witchcraft. A lover of the earth, and a psychic that has very little downtime in life. Married to a man still finding his path and raising powerful young witchlings.

Jenn can be found working from home, homeschooling her children, chatting with the dead, and buying plants she often forgets to get into the ground.