This new project is to help parents looking to add magickal education to their children’s day like Christians do bible lessons. From homeschoolers to weekend fun for everyone, these lessons will help connect your child to a world of magic and wonder.

Encouraging Young Witches

These lessons should take about 15-20 minutes a day with options to make it go much longer and in-depth as needed for older kids. These lessons can easily be adjusted to fit a wide range of ages and stages. As a homeschooling family with half a dozen kids I know the importance of having as much as possible work for multiple ages allowing you to fit in time for extras like Magick lessons.

These lessons are designed to be a family activity as much as homeschool lessons so any family can take advantage of them even if it is just a quick lesson before bedtime on a school night.

The Sabbats

Moon Phases (Coming Soon)

Basic Lesson Plans

Begining. Lessons on setting up your book of shadows. An explanation on what is magic. How to ground and center your energy.

Element: Earth Connect to the earth, learn earth correspondences, and find an item to represent earth on your altar.

Element: Air Learn about the element of air, how to connect and harness the wind, and make a pinwheel for your alter.

Element: Fire Make your own wand for your alter and explore correspondences of fire.

Element: Water Make your own crystal-infused water, find a cup for your alter, and discover the magical correspondences for water.

The Power Of Salt Lean how to use this powerful basic for cleansing, purification, and protection in your home.