How To Make Black Salt

Black salt like many other black items used in the occult world is often associated with evil and dark magic by outsiders. Those within the craft know that black is powerful for protection and cleansing of negative energy.

Black salt can be used in everything from cleansing and protecting to hexes and war water to help protect you from those out to do you hard. While you can find culinary black salt it is very different from black salt you would get at the local witches shop. It is easy to make your own DIY black salt for magic.

DIY Black salt for Magic

While you will find plenty of recipes online for black salt eventually you will find your favorite. For me, I like simple and have crafted the perfect black salt for helping me in my craft. Simple, expensive, and everything I already have on hand or is easy to get should I have run out. This is my personal recipe.

DIY Black Salt Recipe

:: Sea salt or kosher salt.

:: Activated charcoal capsules

:: Ashes

:: Mortar and pestle

:: Glass jar for storage

Other common ingredients I have seen used in plack salt include shavings from a cast iron pan, ground black pepper, and graveyard dirt.

How to make black salt

Making your own black salt is easy. Simply gather your ingredients in your mortar and mix with the pestle. For ashes, you can use the ashes of incents, from a bonfire, or your favorite smudge sticks.

The more you connect the ashes to your intentions for your black salt the more powerful it will be. If you opt to use paper or a charcoal disk grind them together in the mortar and pestle before mixing in your salt.

Store your black salt inside an airtight glass jar. I like to use pretty jars from small jar candles and leave them around the house so the slat can help keep the energy clear while being ready to use when I need a little boost. It must be airtight or the salt will absorb water it the air and harden into a large clump fairly easy.

Using black salt in magic

Black salt is great for protection and banishing negative energy. The color black is powerful for absorbing negative energy and protecting you from harm. This is the real reason so many witches prefer black.

Yes, the goth look is considered very witchy but it became that way because witches are attracted to the positive energy that back draws towards them while pushing negative energy away.

On the other hand, while black salt can be used for banishing hexes and curses you can use it for casting them as well.

Use black salt in your protection and banishing spells. Use for sprinkling at entrances to your home to help keep negative energy out. This is my favorite way to use black salt.

We regularly bless our home and place protections up to help keep the energy positive in the house and my sensory issues caused by my bad habit of absorbing the energy around me under control.

Black salt is great for leaving around the home. Like I do you can use airtight containers or for a more powerful option small pouches of black salt around your home to help absorb negative energy and emotions.

Place a pouch of black slat near your bed to help keep away bad dreams.

Use lightly or mix with a large amount of regular salt (so you leave behind less of a mess) when blessing your home with a sweeping of salt or when casting a circle.

Learn more about the uses for black salt here.

What you mix into your black salt can change it’s abilities.

While graveyard dirt is a common addition to black salt you must be mindful of where the dirt comes from. The dirt of an allies grave will aid in your protection but the dirt from the grave of an evil soul WILL turn your black salt negative.

Mix unpleasant things like ashes from thorns or hot peppers to your black salt to make a black salt perfect for war water or to sprinkle int he path of someone negative in your life to make them go away.

Personally, for this use, I prefer to mix ground Carolina Reapers the hottest pepper known to man into black salt for this use.

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For a stronger protective black salt burn and use the ashes of lavender, hyssop, lemongrass, or pennyroyal to create a strong protective black salt.