Attract Customers To Your Business With These Herbs

Ever wondered if you can use herbs to attract customers to your business and help to increase your income? In today’s economy, we all need every bit of help we can get. The good news is that you can use herbs to attract customers.

One of the most common things people ask is how they can attract money. I am a big fan of using herbs as part of my money spells because their energy compliments these spells so well.

How to use herbs to attract customers

If you are looking to help attract customers to your space there are a few great ways you can use herbs to do this. You can use herbs to attract money by planting them in your office or shop, using them in products you sell, or try burning herbs to attract customers.

Grow these herbs in your home office

Growing plants in your office is amazing for helping to attract customers to your business. Live plants have a wonderful energy that can help to attract abundance and are a key place in feng shui for money.

Try growing these plants in the money corner of your office. The feng shui money corner is the back left corner when looking in from your door.

:: Mint – This herb is great for attracting money with its sweet scent and energizing power it can help to attract customers and energize your business in new ways.

:: Rosemary If you are looking for a herb that can help you to increase your focus and productivity while helping to make your business bring new customers in this is a great plant to grow in your office.

:: Thyme – Thyme is a great plant for working some magic to help bend time to your will. Try growing thyme in your office or shop to help attract customers at a faster pace and speed along your business dealings.

See more herbs you can grow at home to attract money if you would like more ideas.

Burn these herbs to attract customers

Burning herbs is one of the best ways to release their energy into your space. More importantly, they release their energy into your business where they will permeate every step of your process.

:: Cinnamon

Burning some herbs like cinnamon before you open your business for the day is a great way to clear out negative energy and attract prosperity to your business.

Burning cinnamon can let off a scent that is welcoming and likely to attract customers off the street.

:: Rosemary

Rosemary is a common alternative to sage for smudging or smoke-cleansing a space. Not only is this a much more sustainable option than white sage it is better for clearing the mind and improving focus which allows you to work better.

Because rosemary can improve your performance and is powerful for attracting money and abundance it can be a great plant to help attract and keep customers coming back.

:: Bay leaf

A great option for burning to attract customers is bay leaf. Try writing your desires like more sales of a particular item onto your bay leaf before burning it to help increase your sales with customers that come in.

Using herbs to attract customers to your food business

Cooking with some herbs are more likely to attract customers to your restaurant, food, truck, or farmers market stand because these tend to pull people in.

Think about how realtors bake cookies before showing a house. This works the same for your business.

:: Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a spicy scent that most people accosicate with sweet treats. Not only is this spice great for attracting money it can be a wonderful addition to your recipes to help pull customers in like a magnet.

Try sipping on this Cinnamon Money Tea before you start your work day and let the aroma work for you.

:: Basil and Oregano

Basil and oregano are known for their warm fragrance and deep flavor. These herbs added to sauces, soups, and stews is a great way to make the aroma from your kitchen stretch out to where it will pull customers in.

Make a simmering pot

Simmer pots are amazing additions to your magic for helping to attract money and customers to your business. If you do not have a stove in your business you can plug in a small personal-size slow cooker to use as a simmer p[ot.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Try adding herbs that are great for attracting customers by their scent alone. Cinnamon, clove, and some orange peels can be cleansing and very inviting for customers while drawing in prosperity.