13 Easy to Find Herbs to Attract Money and Wealth

We all could use a little more prosperity on lines of money and wealth, right? You can. The flow of money and attracting money to you is all about the energy. Herbs are a great way to charge the energy of money to attract it to you.

I have found my calling with herbs. I love using them in meals and to create medicines to heal my family. Adding herbs to our food to bring about the energy we need.

A kitchen witch of sorts. Have done so since I was a little girl. Using easy-to-find herbs and spices in my magic opens doors for even the most closeted witch.

These easy to find herbs to attract money and wealth are perfect for spells and cooking. One of my favorite money spells is this simple magic money tea.

My favorite herb for attracting money, wealth, and prosperity to my family is cinnamon. Cinnamon is a powerful herb for attracting money to you. In fact, this can help remove blocks that prevent money from coming in.

Cinnamon is a powerful herb to inducing lust which is connected to the root chakra right along with creativity and business skills.

If you are looking for one single herb to really change your overall life cinnamon is a great option for its many uses and ability to ground you out to help strengthen your intention and magic.

I burn cinnamon regularly in the house and use it as a smudge. Try sprinkling a little cinnamon in your wallet for money magick.

Working money magic does not materialize money out of thin air. Instead, it draws money in forms that are attainable in the natural world, A raise at work, a gift, or better opportunities at an improvement of income.

Do not expect it to be instant or for it to not take hard work. Magic just kind of lends a helping hand. You have nothing to lose by putting a little power behind your intentions by adding some of these magickal herbs.

Herbs are a natural and energetic way to attract money.

Easy to find herbs and spices to attract money

Cinnamon is one of my favorite herbs to attract money. Its earthy aroma is so grounding to me. I use cinnamon to smudge the house and always turn to it when I am feeling stressed or getting a headache.

I buy bags of cinnamon sticks and burn them for much cheaper than most smudge sticks and it allows me to save the beautiful smudge sticks for other things. Add cinnamon to any of your favorite money spells or opt to cook with it to attract money.

Cinnamon is common in holiday dishes. A time when most of us could use a little extra abundance coming our way.

Basil is one of my personal favorite herbs to work with. I toss it in everything from Italian dishes to breakfast, and even my homemade chicken soup. If you ever find a savory dish without basil our house it usually means I ran out… Again.

Basil is a great magical herb to use in your money and wealth spells. I like to add basil to stews while stirring in blessings to bring food and money to our home and adding basil to my prosperity jars.

Bay leaf is one of the best basic herbs every witch should have. Bay leaf is an easy to find herb to attract money and wealth making it a great addition to any spell on your list. The simplest manifestation spell you can do using herbs is to write what you want on a bay leaf and burn it.

Be sure to use a fire safe dish or cauldron to prevent starting a fire while burning bay leaves. Place a bay leaf in your wallet to help attract money to you.

Attract wealth to you with herb magic

Chamomile is a great herb for attracting money and wealth. You can find chamomile tea bags at the local dollar store. Sip on chamomile tea while you work or brainstorm ideas to bring in extra money.

If you are like me and building up passive income brew a relaxing cup of chamomile tea before you sleep to help you rest and attract money while you sleep.

When using in a spell simply break open the tea bag and you are ready to use this simple and easy to find herb. Sprinkle dried Chamomile around your property to protect, break curses, and draw in wealth.

Attract wealth to you with herb magic


Allspice is a great spice to add to fall and winter pumpkin dishes. Allspice can be used to preserve and flavor meats. Perhaps allspice got its name from its distinct aroma and flavor that reminisces upon all major spices having been blended together but it is in truth a single dried berry.

Allspice to attract money

To use allspice to attract money and wealth burn it as an incense or loose smudge. Focus on filling your home with light airy smoke and intentions to draw in wealth. Add allspice to a pot of boiling water on your stove to fill your home with this grounding aroma that helps set the stage for money and wealth spells.

Attract money with clove

Clove is aromatic and a perfect addition to holiday spices. Cloves earthy fall armor makes it a great addition to smudging bowls or weaving into smudging sticks if you make them yourself. clove is one of the easiest herbs to attract money to find.

Use dill to attract money

Dill known for it’s addition to pickles is a bright and lovely shade of green. Dill can help attract money and wealth to you. Hang bundles of dill flowers in your home or business to help draw money and wealth to you.

\Add to sachets for hiding put of view in public places. Serve Dill pickles at your business holiday party. Learn how to grow dill to get more use of this plant in prosperity magic.

Even More Easy to Find Herbs to Attract Money and Wealth

Using ginger to attract money to you

Ginger is a great spice to add to your stash this time of year for baking. Why not make use of this herb for attracting money and wealth as well? You have nothing to lose by using everyday herbs already in your collection.

Don’t have ginger yet? Skip the powdered for fresh ginger and enjoy an even stronger aroma. Sipping ginger tea can help calm the stomach.

Grab a fresh ginger root from your local grocery store or farmers market and slice on a mandoline to use fresh ginger in your money magic.


Marjoram may be a bit less common for most families. While you may not have it running around in your spice cabinet it is easy to remedy that situation and get a bottle of dried marjoram. Marjoram is most common in Mediterranean dishes. If you smudge loose herbs this is a great option.

Try burning mint to attract money

Mint is another great herb to stock from the tea aisle. Many dollar stores will have it in stock. It is great for settling nerves before a big business meeting or presentation and to help attract success in your work.

Mint is great for infusing in your water, tea, or lemonade as well for success in summer side ventures. Just like with Chamomile you can rip open a tea bag for your next spell. Mint is easy to find fresh at your local grocery store in the produce aisle year-round.


Nutmeg is commonly found in deserts. This spice is easy to find in your spice aisle. Nutmeg can make a great addition to your kitchen and your magic supplies.

Use nutmeg to garnish coffee drinks at work to attract money to you or add to your candle dressings for your next prosperity spell.


Thyme is a hardy every green that is easy to grow in your garden and create money attracting smudge sticks with or harvest for fresh cooking.

Thyme makes a great addition when dried and added to wreaths and decorative arrangements around your home to help attract money and wealth.


Rosemary makes a great addition to your money magic. You can use rosemary in spells that involve ways to make money that require focus or attention. Mix rosemary in salt for sweeping your floors to attract money and clear negative energy.

Herbs for prosperity

Poppyseed is a great addition to your collection to help bring prosperity to your family. If anyone questions this herb can hide in your kitchen well as it can be used for baked goods. Bake poppy seed into her herb bread, muffins, or bagels to bring prosperity to your family.

If you want to grow your own herbs to attract money in the garden you can easily have an unlimited supply of lemongrass for your money magick. Dry bundles of lemongrass to use for smudging your home. As a bonus, while attracting money this herb will repel unwanted insects.

Budget herbs and spices for Money and wealth

Pumpkin Pie Spice is great for attracting money. Pumpkin pie spice contains cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. These pieces come together for a powerful money drawing combination.

Use this, to not break the bank if you do not have a collection of basic herbs and spices yet. This time of year pumpkin spice can be found just about anywhere. Make your own Pumpkin Pie spice syrup to sweeten any spell.

Italian seasoning is another great blend for the frugal witch on a budget. Italian seasoning is a blend of oregano, basil, marjoram, sage, and garlic.

The Basil, marjoram, and sage are all great for attracting money. This blend is cheaper than buying all 3 individually and less wasteful for one spell. 

Snag a cheap bottle of organic Italian seasoning at Aldi to score a free glass jar with it.

What herbs attract money when burned?

Burning herbs is a great way to take advantage of their energy in your magic. Great herbs to burn to attract money include sage, cinnamon, bay, and rosemary.

While burning herbs is a great way to perform magic on its own it is a great addition to any manifesting spell. While burning herbs to attract money be sure to focus on your intention as the intent is everything in magick.

Herbs to attract customers to your business.

One of the best ways to attract money into your life is to attract more customers to your business. While burning herbs is a great way to attract money some herbs are more likely to attract customers.

Burning cinnamon due to its seductive properties is a great way to draw in new customers. Use sweeter herbs to attract money when it involves setting off an aroma to pull customers in.

How to use ginger to attract money.

Ginger is a great way to attract money into your life with several ways to use it. Sprinkle ground ginger around your home or business. Brew a cup of ginger tea while working away on a big project. Burn ginger with cinnamon to attract new customers.

How to use basil to attract money

Stir basil into a hearty stew to serve to your family to bring money for food and necessities into your life. Burn basil to attract money. Use basil as a garnish when serving guests to help attract wealth within your circle of friends and family.

If you own a restaurant serve basil to customers to help bring them and their business back to your restaurant. Basil is one of the best herbs to attract money to hide in your kitchen for a little stealthy magic.

How to use cloves to attract money

This time of year cloves are a major part of holiday spices. The fragrance a staple for generations. Cloves are a great way to attract money to help pay for the holidays.

Make a fragranced ornament that can attract money by pushing cloves into the skin of an orange. Burn or simmer on the stove to attract money to your home.

How to use herbs for prosperity

Herbs make a wonderful addition to your magic. As you pour intention into them they pour their magic into your spells and rituals. Choose herbs that can aid in property and abundance to add to your manifesting magic.

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Great ways to use herbs for prosperity include placing the herbs around your home, carrying them with you, adding to your food or drinks, and burning to smudge your space.