Cutting Cords: Taking Back Your Energy Source

When it comes to taking back your energy and eliminating unhealthy connections in your life the best tool you have is Cord-cutting. In our everyday encounters, we make connections with people in our lives. these connections come on many levels and can be a mix of healthy connections that make us feel loved and empowered and unhealthy connections that can leave us drained and even give us anxiety.

Today I want to talk to you about these cords and cutting them to help give you a healthier energetic body. Like grounding and centering this tool is essential to a healthier happier you.

Understanding Energetic Cords:

Energetic cords are metaphysical connections formed between individuals through emotions, thoughts, or interactions. These cords can be positive, such as those formed through love and support, or negative, arising from conflict, dependency, or manipulation. Negative cords can drain your energy and hinder personal growth.

Healthy cords are a great thing to have connecting you to those that you love but when you have negative interactions and connections with people in the world around you these unhealthy cords can even be dangerous.

Identifying Unhealthy Cords:

Take time to reflect on your relationships and interactions. Notice patterns of emotional drain, feeling overwhelmed, or being excessively attached to someone or something. These are signs of potentially unhealthy energetic cords.

You may notice these pop up after a particular negative interaction. This can be with people that you know and have positive interactions with on a daily basis. These cords are harder to identify than ones that are formed in a random negative interaction. Cutting the negative cords and leaving the healthy ones between you and loved ones is a great way to help keep your energy clean and your relationships strong.

Cutting cords after negative interactions with strangers, fights with loved ones, and other situations that leave you feeling drained or upset is a great way to keep your energetic field healthy.

Setting Intentions:

Before you begin the process of cutting cords, set clear intentions. Decide what you want to achieve through this practice, whether it’s releasing negative energy, reclaiming your personal power, or fostering healthier connections.

This is essential for any magickal working in your life particularly ones that affect your overall energy as this can lead to issues in all kinds of weird parts of your life in the day-to-day.

Grounding and Centering:

Ground yourself through deep breathing, meditation, or visualization techniques. Imagine roots extending from your body into the Earth, anchoring you firmly. Center your focus on the present moment to enhance your energetic awareness. If you struggle with this take a moment to participate in mindfulness activities.

Visualization and Meditation:

Envision the cords connecting you to the person, situation, or place you wish to release. Visualize these cords as energetic strands of light or color. Take a moment to acknowledge the emotions and experiences associated with these cords without judgment.

Cutting the Cords:

With focused intention, imagine a pair of scissors, a sword, or any other symbolic tool capable of severing the cords. Visualize yourself or a higher power cutting through each cord swiftly and decisively. As each cord is cut, feel a sense of liberation and release.

Healing and Sealing:

After cutting the cords, visualize healing energy flowing into the areas where the cords were attached. Imagine these areas being cleansed and filled with light, restoring balance and harmony to your energy field. Seal the energetic wounds with protective light or a healing symbol.

Maintaining Boundaries:

Cutting cords is not a one-time fix but an ongoing practice. Maintain healthy boundaries in your relationships and interactions to prevent the formation of new unhealthy cords. Regularly check in with yourself to ensure you’re honoring your own needs and boundaries.

If you are trying to keep someone out of your life make a point to cut cords every single time you think of that particular person.

Self-Care and Integration:

After cutting cords, prioritize self-care activities that nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Spend time in nature, practice mindfulness, engage in creative expression, or seek support from trusted friends or healers. Allow yourself time to integrate the changes and insights gained from the process.

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Forgiveness and Release:

Finally, practice forgiveness towards yourself and others involved in the cord-cutting process. Let go of resentment, anger, or guilt associated with past experiences. Embrace a mindset of compassion and acceptance as you move forward on your journey of personal growth and empowerment.