Tips For Closet Witches

A large chunk of my years as a witch have been in the broom closet. Witchcraft came naturally to me and I started to play with it around 2nd grade. At that point I had only heard of witches in fiction.

I had no guidance, and I had no idea the library had an occult section (nor could I check it out without my family seeing if I had). I had never even heard of Wicca. This is one of the main reasons I am different than most witches.

I spent my early years so deep in the closet I only had my intuition to guide me. Around middle school, I discovered books and well things went from there. During that time I learned a few tricks for closet witches.

1. Use a book cover

Carrying around a book on witchcraft you checked out from the local library (Fun Fact: Occult books are the $1 books stolen from libraries. Please return the book so others can enjoy.) is a great way to out your secrete.

Instead of carrying the book around with the cover visible add a cheap book cover. You can get stretchy ones during back-to-school sales. For paperbacks add a cut out of cardboard to make it fit better.

2. Go digital.

Keeping witchcraft out of my mother’s sight in high school while she was convinced it would land me in hell was a lot easier. I was able to keep everything digital from reading materials to notes. I even joined as a lifetime member of WitchSchool when I was 13.

Ebooks are great for reading in public even if you can be open at home. Amazon has a free kindle app you can install on your phone for reading or you can check out what your local library has to offer for digital books.

3. Hide your materials well.

I had the book “The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells” that my dad got me in middle school that I needed to keep hidden from my mom that was very anti-witchcraft. (laughable with her own “sins”) A set of Major Arcana

Tarot cards given to my best friend’s grandma. a few things like a handmade want, a pentacle from a festival I went to with my childhood crush, and a binder I used as a book of shadows.

These items need to be kept out of sight and away from prying eyes. I opted to pull the bottom drawer out of my dresser and stash them under. Choose a place no one will go even if they are going through your stuff looking for something.

You want to have the confidence to know when you come home your stuff will still be hidden. Avoid common places like between your mattress and box spring.

4. Learn to cook.

No one looks at a cabinet or basket full of herbs if you love to cook. Kitchen magick just lends itself to stealthy magic. When you are starting out choose a few herbs that have multiple uses for witchcraft. I suggest these 5 herbs every witch should have to get you started.

5. Start a rock collection

No one will question your pretty crystals if you are already collecting rocks. A geology game like Rock On is a great cover and a great way to start a new crystal collection. This is a great option for young closet witches when asked what they want as gifts for holidays.

6. Use mundane items for

I know several great witches who use everyday items like a standard deck of cards or Magic The Gathering playing cards for divination. You do not need to start with a tarot deck.

Use dishes from around your home. Coffee cups, porcelain bowls, or small plates work great for working with or burning herbs.

Use natural items like sticks, pinecones, and rocks. These tips for cheap and free magick supplies will help you find more ideas.

7. Use products that have hidden witchy twists.

These days bath and body products lend themselves to magick more than ever. My favorite is starting the day with Bioré Rose Quartz Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser.

Essential oils are popular now making them perfect for the closet witch to use ins spells like making a love spell and wearing your spell as a perfume to attract love.   

8. Create a stealthy alter.

Many witches use alters in their practice. If you wish to use an alter in your practice you can build one in a box, closet, or other storage space where it will go unfound. Outside is perhaps the best place for a stealthy alter.

In high school, I used to build an altar for spells off in a corner of the local park. There was a wonderful spot where the trees grew a the 5 points of a star.

9. Make your practice spiritual.

You can make the most of even hidden magic buy getting deep into the spiritual side of things. Meditation, yoga, and dance are all great ways to connect with the spiritual side that have all become generally acceptable in most areas.

10. Practice stealth magick.

Let’s face it most books on magic will tell you how to do elaborate spells complete with casting a circle and invoking the elements.

This isn’t always practical and learning to work with magic in a more stealthy way can be a bit of a challenge when you do not have as many recourses available to you. This is one reason why I give simple spells when I write a post on spells.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love using candles, herbs, and crystals in my magick but I am first and foremost I am a witch and the only thing I NEED to create magic is myself.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Everything else is just to help amplify and direct my energy. If you are in the broom closet this is a great way to practice magick without drowning attention to yourself. A great read I recommend is Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic by Scott Cunningham