Attracting Money: The Energy and Flow of Money

This year has brought a lot of changes for my family on the financial front. I attribute this to things I have been doing to help attract money to our home. From using easy to find herbs to attract money or growing herbs that attract money in pots around the house, smudging with cinnamon sticks, and using a singing bowl the simplest things have brought new energy to our finances.

How Energy can be used to attract money to you

While discussing the act of sending energy-charged money out into the world with a friend I took some time to really think over why this is working for us.

Money is a major representation of the energy that flows through our society. Everyone used money. Everyone needs money in som compacity to go about daily life in our modern society. Money makes a great connection between people.

By sending out positively charged money into the world I am bringing new power to the money that I am spending. A power that creates energy paths back to me allowing money to more freely flow into my everyday life.

This energy is worked into a large chunk of my life. This vary site has a money spell built into it that you as a reader can tap into simply by stating that you would like to attract money into your life each time you visit. You will notice the sigil at the top of the tab. It looks like this:

Easy ways to charge money and attract money to you every day.

My favorite simple money spell is to positively charge the energy of my money. From coins, I find around the house to our debit cards I love to give money a charge here and there. I plan to make a better habit of this in the new year.               

Here are a few simple ways you can charge your money with positive energy before you send it back out into the world. Changing the energy of money you use can bring positivity and gratitude into your finances helping to attract wealth and abundance in new ways.

Many people have a negative view of money and the money that crosses your path has felt a lot of negativity in its time. You can change your own financial situation and help bless others with these simple ways to charge money with positive energy.

Using gratitude to attract money to you

The simplest way to manifest good in your life and to attract more good to you in all forms from love to money is to express gratitude. This can be done anywhere at any time.

A great way to charge money before you spend it is simply to silently thank your money for blessing you with what you are buying. A simple acknowledgment to the universe that you are grateful for the money you have been given can help signal the universe to send you more.

Ask for what you want

Before spending money charge it simply by asking the universe to bring that money back to you. One of the best manifestation techniques is as simple as telling the universe what you want. After all, if you can’t ask for it there is no reason for the universe to send it your way.

Attracting money to you by charging it with magical tools

There are a lot of magical tools we use in our everyday magic that can be used to help attract money to you and make your like a lot easier as well as sending positive energy out into the world. Here are a few ideas for charging money.

:: Place your money and cards in a singing bowl.

:: Leave your money in a window or secure place out in the light of a full moon

:: Sleep with your money under your pillow to charge it with your dreams of abundance

:: Leave your wallet on a selenite tray or charging pad at night

:: Wrap money around crystals

:: Pass money through the smoke of a burning cinnamon stick.

:: Home your money while meditating or saying mantras

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:: Place your money under your cup of magick money tea