20 Crystals for Manifesting Abundance: Money, Prosperity, and Luck

Crystals are a great way to open new opportunities into your life. When you use the best stone for your goals you help to raise yourself to a high vibration that can help you reach your goals, manifest your dreams, and live in abundance.

Choosing the right crystals to help you make important decisions and work towards career success can go a long way in building the life you want.

Crystals for Manifesting Abundance

We all need things in our lives and can often find ourselves in a lack mindset that is encouraged by society. You can use crystals to help take advantage of the power of manifestation in your everyday life.

The right crystals can be powerful tools to reach specific goals to attract love and prosperity into your own energy field. 

Choosing the right money stones can help bring financial abundance into your life from a multitude of angles such as a raise, winning money, finding money in unexpected places, or attracting money to your place of business.

Place these powerful crystals around your workspace, such as next to or inside your cash register, or wear them each day while you work with set intentions. 

Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold

Iron Pyrite is a stone of vitality, courage, and persistence. Fool’s gold is a great stone for keeping in your home office or carrying with you to work. The brassy almost gold lump is often mistaken as gold, giving it the nickname.

Use fool’s gold to help shift your mindset over to one of abundance, prosperity, and success. If you tend to focus on feelings of lack, this crystal can help you move towards more positive and abundant energy.

Natural Citrine Crystal

Citrine is often referred to as the lucky merchant’s stone. Finding natural citrine can be a bit of a challenge. Most pieces sold now are heat-treated amethyst making it important to be mindful of purchasing your crystals from an ethical source.

Citrine is one of the best manifestation stones for business success. Place citrine in the wealth corner (feng shui far left corner of your space when standing in the doorway) of your home or business. This will help to clear roadblocks between you and your financial success.

Green jade

Jade is often associated with wealth. In ancient civilizations, it was used by the wealthy and nobles as a stone of luck. Jade can help change your energy to feelings of self-worth and help you work towards long-term goals and success.

Place a jade elephant with the trunk facing up on your desk to bring in abundance and help you to focus and energy on manifesting your goals.

Green aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity. It helps to bring back missed opportunities and open up energy, for now, opportunities in the future.

If you tend to spend your money unwisely and want to change this negative energy into positive and abundant energy that helps you make better financial choices you can wear green aventurine on a chain so that it dangles near your heart chakra.

Tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is an amazing crystal for abundance and manifestation. Tiger eye crystals are a talisman of good fortune and can be worn to help you make wise choices financially without becoming greedy.

If you have bad financial habits you want to change this crystal can be the grounding energy you need to succeed.

Combine tiger’s eye with a money-attracting crystal such as amazonite for a powerful combination that can help bring in luck and money while helping you make better choices. Keep a piece of tiger’s eye on you while shopping to help avoid impulse buys.


Peridot is a powerful manifesting crystal that makes a great addition to a crystal grid with a goal of abundance, manifestation, and money. The green color makes it a great addition to your favorite money spells.

Peridot can help clear your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras to help you move past self-limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from prosperity.

Clear quartz crystal (The Master Healer)

If you can only afford one crystal to start your collection this is the one you need. Clear quartz is an energy amplifier and can be used to amplify any intention.

Use this crystal when setting an intention for your new business, reaching financial goals, or bringing in abundance and wealth.

Pair this with other crystals to give their energy a boost or use it on its own to help keep your intentions and goals going strong.


This deep green crystal is powerful for removing negative energy that can affect your business. This stone is one of the more popular merchant’s stone options. Malachite can act as an energy magnet to help attract money to you or your business through the law of attraction.

This is a great crystal for the person trying to build up positive abundant energy around a side hustle or project that stands to help put them in a better financial situation.

This crystal is one of the luckiest crystals and tends to give off winning energy. Wear this crystal to give off a positive attitude towards a new venture.


Amazonite is one of my favorite crystals to bring me abundance and good luck. I wear a set of amazonite mala beads to remove blockages and allow me to attract what I need.

This crystal helps me keep a strong work ethic and the beads are perfect to have at the ready when I need a medication break from all of my work. This is such a simple way to take advantage of the power of meditation.

These lucky crystals also work like a magnet to help money come to you that you don’t always have to work for.

With how it alters your energy and mindset this crystal can help you pull in money through luck such as winning a prize or finding money randomly. This crystal is good for adding a bit of “Om Shrim Klim Good News!” to your life.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the best and most powerful crystals for the heart chakra. This crystal helps to attract unconditional love and self-acceptance.

While people often use this stone in hopes of attracting a romantic relationship the best way to use this powerful crystal is to help improve your perception of self. When we are able to see our own worth we become magnets for the things we want in life.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is used in crystal healing to help the higher mind and the crown chakra. Use this stone to help with opening your mind to possibilities, improving communications, to help make clear-headed and wise choices.

Keep this stone for mental clarity near where you plan and make business decisions and work on business communications. This stone of wealth can be a great magnet for bringing in people’s desire.

Black tourmaline

This grounding crystal can help protect you from any negative energy that can create blockages to your manifestation goals. This is one of the most powerful stones for grounding and helping you to make wise choices and bring powerful energy into your manifestation process.

Keep this by your door to help protect the energy of your workspace and near your computer and WiFi for EMF protection.


The carnelian gemstone is a powerful artist’s stone. This crystal can bring a creative and energetic vibration into your everyday life. For businesses that need creativity and innovation, this can be a great tool to add vitality and financial abundance.

This fiery crystal activates the root chakra for sexual power and life energy that can feed personal power into your manifestation magic. If you find your romantic love life to be struggling this can be a sign that your root chakra is blocked and therefore so is your creativity and manifestation process.

Wear a carnelian or place it near your bed to bring fire back into your daily life.

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a great stone for helping ground you while also giving you the courage and strength to take a leap of faith if needed. This stone will help you take a leap of faith in your business dealings or put in the hard work to take a step up the ladder in life.

If you find that you are dealing with blockages that encourage you to back out of things instead of tackling them head-on black obsidian can be a great way to find inner peace and dive out of your comfort zone. Wear this to an important meeting to help encourage the best results.


Both golden topaz and blue topaz can help give you a clear mind and positive energy that will help to push you in the right direction. If you find yourself sp[irilaing and unsure of where to go next topaz can help lead the way and put you back on the right path.

Topaz can help your mind focus on clear thought while unblocking your throat chakra so you can speak out and take the steps others may be afraid of. This powerful stone will keep anything from holding you back.

Red jasper

Creativity, abundance, and manifestation can be blocked by a blocked root chakra. You can give yourself a better chance at manifesting your dreams into reality with red jasper.

This is one of the best crystals for the rook chakra and can be used in a variety of ways. Use this powerful gemstone to open up opportunities for a brighter future.

This crystal is all about manifesting your biggest dreams and opening up doors you once thought were impossible. Keep red jasper by your bed to help clear and enhance your energy while you sleep.

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz is a stone of prosperity. This crystal is amazing for attracting abundance and prosperity into your life.

If you are looking for a stone that can wash away the negative energy that is blocking your good muck and manifestation, smokey quartz would be a great place to start.

Add smoky quartz to a crystal grid aimed at removing obstetrical and attracting what you desire.

Green calcite

Green calcite is a powerful amplifier and energy-clearing stone. This popular stone is great for attracting abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Green calcite can help stabilize your emotions and work past limiting beliefs that may be holding you back in life. Wearing green calcite is a great way to bring the balance you need to move forward.

Yellow jade

Yellow jade is not a true jade but a yellow-toned quartz. Yellow jade is a lucky stone that can be used as a good luck charm.

This crystal is good for honesty and maturity which can be particularly helpful when it comes to business communications.

Keep this crystal in an area where you work on business planning and communications to help foster positive energy towards hard work and to attract luck and prosperity into your business dealings. 

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a beautiful crystal that is great for dealing with stress and anxiety.

If you find that your job stresses you out or even that trying to figure out your budget and finances is a bit too much sometimes you can wear pink tourmaline to help clean up these negative energies revolving around financial situations and find peace in your financial dealings.

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