Must-Try Money Spells

Watching our world economy come crumbling down makes me think more and more about how important money is for survival. Today I decided to sit down and work away on a post full of my favorite money spells for those of you in need of help navigating the crazy times ahead of us. These spells for money are perfect for drawing money to you.

Blessing others.

One of my favorite spells for money is to bless others. Not only does it make you feel good to give money or recourses away to someone else in need it also helps to draw money back to you. When you are willing to help others the universe is more inclined to help you. When working your money magick keep in mind how the energy of magick flows.

Place your money in a singing bowl.

When we got our first singing bowl a few months ago I found so much joy in charging up quarters and leaving them in the carts at Aldi to help draw more money back to us. It was so much fun and the kids love to play the singing bowl with money and our bank cards in it.

Cook with money attracting herbs

A little kitchen witchery can go a long way. Have some fun using money attracting herbs like basil and oregano in your kitchen as a stealthy bit of magick.

Grow a little money.

I love to plant coins in with my garden each year to grow money and prosperity alongside our plants. I find this is particularly useful when you are growing herbs that attract money with coins in the garden bed or pots.

Make some tea

Using herbs that attract money you can make a cup of tea that is just perfect for when you are working brainstorming money-making ideas. This money-drawing tea is simple and one of my favorites for charging brainstorming sessions.

Do a money spell as a family

The kids and I love to do money spells to bless new forms of income we are working on together. We have come up with some fun money spells that end in a fun snack the kids enjoy like this kid-friendly money spell. When the whole family joins together the magick is stronger.

Be grateful for what you have.

The universe works in mysterious ways. One of these ways is by our own vibrations. When we take the time to be grateful for what we have it raises our vibration and makes us more likely to draw in the money and other forms of prosperity we want in our lives. Gratitude is truly the universal language of abundance.

Burn herbs to attract money and customers to your business.

Burning herbs that attract money while working or even for smudging your home is a great way to draw money to you. I like to use cinnamon to cleanse my space before working to draw in customers and money.

Money sigil spell

Draw a sigil to attract money on the corner of a piece of paper currency. Spend that money to help draw more money back to you.

Penny money spell

Thes money spells are perfect for giving your finances a boost.

This Enchanted pennies spell is a great way to draw in money while and about. This works similar to how I use money from my charging money in my singing bowl

Money entering the home spells.

Placing particular things near or around your entryway is a great way to draw in money to your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again
  • A cinnamon broom near or above your door is a popular and simple money drawing spell.
  • Place a dollar above your door to draw money through the door.
  • Place tigers eye near your door. Inside the pot of a green indoor plant is a great place.

Popular candle money spell

One money spell that is really popular is so simple anyone can do it. Simply gather a green or white candle and one of each type of coin you can find. Place the coins around the candle in a clockwise circle. Think about your end goal as you light the candle. Allow the candle to burn while you work on something that can improve your finances from getting unfinished work done to starting a new project or even taking the time to learn how to coupon.