Feather Banner

When decorating your home or magickal space many witches like to represent the elements we use in our magick.

Feathers are a great representation of air and can make an amazing addition to our homes. We added a feather banner on the fireplace mantel where the fireplace represents fire.

Feathers in Magick

Feathers can play a major role in magick. Along w3ith representing air they can easily represent spirit or in many native American traditions they hold significance in religious rights and representation of traditions and our ancestors. Often people use feathers to help spread the smoke when sageing their homes.

For many birds are spirit guides and the type of feathers you find leave a particular message. Finding a feather can be a great guide to which direction you are meant to go.

Finding a feather can be a message from angels. Many believe that feathers are messages from angels and that the shape and color can have meaning. This article on feathers as messages can help you understand this process.

Supplies needed:

:: Feathers of choice

:: Twine or ribbon of choice

:: Hot glue, glue gun


:: Begin by applying one small dab at a time to the ends of the feather. You want to apply the glue at the stem or pointy end of the feather and not on the soft, plume portion.

:: Quickly press the feather to your twine and hold in place until it is secure.

:: Continue this process adding feathers until the banner is the length of your choosing. You can space the feathers as you wish, creating or pattern or just adding them randomly as you go along.

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:: Once your feathers are glued in place, you can hang your banner. Just tie the ends to a mantel or empty frame of your choice and display.