Gratitude: The Magic Language Of The Universe

Gratitude is the language magic speaks. As a witch the most common form of magick you will be performing is Manifestation. Witchcraft is a door to manifesting the reality you want. From money to a calm and relaxed home magic can open doors to a new and wonderful reality. The true key to manifestation is to speak the magick language of the universe: Gratitude.

The universe loves to open doors for people that are grateful for what they have in life. When you show gratitude and make a point to feel grateful for what you have you open the door to more blessings and happiness. this of course can be a challenge to many when times are tough. With a little work, you can train yourself to be thankful for the little things.

Think about what makes you grateful

One of my great witchy friends has a habit of posting asking everyone on her friend’s list what they are grateful for. This, of course, became a regular part of my day and the difference is amazing.

So often we fall into the rut of thinking about the bad things that we miss the good. A few days ago on the new moon while working magic the 6 of Pentacles card kept popping out to give me a message. Rewards and blessings are coming my way.

This manifested itself in the oddest way that I would have completely missed if I had not gotten into the habit of feeling grateful for what I have. As I cooked dinner with fresh unfrozen ground beef for the 2nd time this week I realized how blessed I was to not need to dig through the freezer and touch our dwindling meat stock as the world spins wild with uncertainty.

Just a few weeks ago the shelves were bare and finding ground beef was near impossible forcing me to use a lot of what we had in the house. This week we found not just one but 2 half price clearance sales on ground beef. This simple blessing is something I once would have taken for granted but I will be so happy to enjoy tonight when I eat a fresh burger with my husband for dinner.

Exercise a grateful attitude.

Each day make a point to lose 3 to 5 things you are grateful in your life. At first the may take some work and some days it will feel darn right difficult but the end result is a grateful heart open to blessings from the universe. If you do not want to make this public like a thread on Facebook you can write your list down in a journal.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Why does being grateful makes a difference in magick?

Magic is the manipulation of energy. As a witch, you can do this naturally without all of the bells and whistles of a spell. Your very thoughts hold power. Filling your thoughts with prosperity, happiness, and joy by training yourself to have a grateful heart will on its own become a powerful manifestation source. This simple exercise can change your whole outlook on life.

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