Full Moon Magic To Transform Your Life

Ask any witch and they will tell you they feel a pull towards the full moon. Most of us find ourselves energized at odd hours of the night around the full moon. The full moon is known to cause a lot of weird events as it affects the energy of living things.

The coming full moon is packed with a wild energy that can help spring your forward into your goals from life changes to manifestation.

Clear out negative energy

the full moon has a tendency to amplify energies and bring negative energy in and around your home to light. This makes the full moon the perfect time to find negative energy in your life and cleanse it away.

The full moon is the perfect time for smoke cleansing with smudge sticks, cinnamon, or sage. there are other ways to cleans as well.

Black candles are one of my favorite tricks to keeping negative energy cleared and balanced. I love to buy the black 7-day candles from my local Dollar Tree around Samhain (Halloween) to stock up and let them burn during the days surrounding the full moon. I also buy large black jar candles or even votives when I run out.

Moon water

Making moon water is one favorite way to celebrate the full moon for many switches,. This water is used for everything from ritual baths to lemonade.

Making moon water is easy and can be done either you have a big backyard or a window the moonlight can stream through. Fill a jar or many jars with water and place in the moonlight.

Charge crystals

Crystals have amazing energy that can aid us in our magic and [personal lives. To help make the see crystals even stronger we want to cleans away negative energy and charge them often under the bright full moon.

Crystals that no longer give you that buzz of energy when you hold them in your hand can come to life again.

To charge your crystals under the full moon lay them out on a tray out in your yard or in your window sill. This will allow the full moon energy to wash over them helping bring their energy to vibrant life again.

Prosperity spell

The full moon is a great time to do a prosperity spell or to simply charge the tings you want with full moon energy. One of my favorites is to take a singing bowl and play it with money inside.

A bull moon bonfire is the perfect time to burn herbs to attract money. Simply add bundles of dried herbs right to your fire.

Protection spell

The full moon is a great time to perform protection magic in and around your home. From making and using black salt and eggshell powder to burning obsidian you can find yourself with many great options for your full moon protection magick.

Cleansing and banishing.

The same energy that is great for protection magic is perfect for breaking curses and cleansing your home and life of things that no longer suit you.

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The Moon Tarot card

The full moon is the perfect time to practice divination and to charge your divination tools in the moonlight. Your tarot decks, pendulums, runes, and other divination tools can benefit from a nice long bath in the moonlight.