How To Become A Witch

One of the most common questions asked is “How do you become a witch?” Whether the question is curiosity about how another person landed on their path or looking to begin your own the answer remains irrevocably the same.

To become a witch you DECIDE to become a witch. You make your own choice of your own free will. Then you take action to learn and try new things. How to become a witch is simple.

How to Become a Witch

While some traditions will have a system you need to follow for initiation there are no requirements to become a witch following your own path.

For those like me that are Eclectic Witches, you don’t have to go through complicated religious study and practice. Instead, you simply make the choice to become a witch and start your journey to learn and grow as much as you can.

Start learning

After you make the choice to become a witch you need to make an effort to learn. There are several ways you can learn about witchcraft and dive into the practice of Magick.

The best way to get started is to find an experienced with willing to teach you. This allows you to get information from someone you can ask questions when you are unsure of something. Build and nourish your own pagan community.

Start reading. Read everything you can from websites like this one to books like my list of books about witchcraft. Your local library is a great place to find books in the occult section. Many libraries struggle to keep these in stock because witchcraft books are the most often stolen books.

Please be mindful of others that may be looking for information and check out books the right way returning them when you are done. You can take notes in your book of shadows to store information.

Check out these tips for new witches.

Connect with magick in the world around you

The world is full of energy and magic at your disposal. From the air you breathe the ground at your feet, everything has the power you can harness to make what you desire a reality. Get outside in nature so you can feel the wind in your hair, the ground at your feet and the sounds of nature filling your ears with sweet music.

Gather supplies

Witchcraft doesn’t really need any supplies to be honest with you. It is all about your intentions and putting what you want out into the universe and not standing in the way with negative thinking.

Everything else is a bonus that helps you cannel and increases your own energy in your magic. When you are ready to start gathering supplies start with these free and cheap witchcraft supply ideas to get you started without making a big financial investment. Keep in mind much of what you need is already in your kitchen

from birthday candles in the junk drawer to herbs for cooking and even free glass jars to store it all.


You can spend all day reading about how to cast a circle, Writing spells, and researching sigils but at the end of the day, you need to practice witchcraft to be a witch. Look for simple ways you can add magick to every part of your life from brushing your hair with the intention to feel confidant to stirring herbs into dinner to attract money.

Spell to Become a Witch

So you have made the choice to become a witch. You have read and researched and played around a bit but it just doesn’t feel official? This is a good time to perform a spell to change how you see your situation. This simple spell will help you connect to your inner magick and become an amazing witch.

Find a crystal.

Visit your local witch shop, go to the local rock store, or just go for a walk and look for a stone that calls to you. This crystal will be special to you for a lifetime so make sure you let it choose you.

What you need:

Cast a circle

Sit in the center of the circle and light your candle

Hold your crystal in your hands

Set your intention to be a witch and what kind of with you want to be my speaking your intentions out loud to the universe. A whisper is fine should you be in a space where you have to worry about someone hearing you.

Feel the warm light of the candle shift to your body. Envision this light turning purple as it flows around you and absorbs into your body.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Bask in the feeling of newfound power and self-awareness before venturing out to continue learning and growing along your own personal path. Keep your crystal close to you as much as possible so you and it can grow together allowing you to call on it’s energy whenever you have need.