Tips For New Witches

More and more people find themselves awakening with the changes our planet is going through the population of witches in our communities is growing at a startling pace.

Many of which do not have a mentor to help them find their way. These tips for new switches will help you find your way and get comfortable as a new witch.

Not sure how to become a witch? Learn about this here.

Read everything.

The best thing you can do as a new witch is to read everything you can get your hands on. Witchery: Embrace the Witch Within and Psychic Witch are two books

I can not recommend enough for getting started or advancing on your path. You shouldn’t even so much as settle on being a witch until you have read a least a dozen books on witchcraft.

Not everything is gonna capture your interest or resonate with you. The craft is entirely personal and you do not have to do things the same way or believe the same things as others.

Find support community.

We all need support even if it is just an online group to help you learn from more experienced witches by having someone you can ask questions and get guidance from.

I suggest checking out the Witchy Bootcamp group run by my friend Andrea and myself as a good place to start.

Connect to nature.

Take off your shoes and go for a walk in the grass. This can be a great way to connect with nature and all it has to offer. This practice is called grounding and can be a great way to connect with the earth.

Take a moment while walking around to observe everything going on around you. The plants, trees, and insects all play a roll in the balance of the earth.

Practice mindfulness.

From yoga to mediation, mindfulness is the key to shutting down your analytical brain allowing your higher consciousness to connect to the world around you. This will help you discover and develop your magical skills.

Explore a field of magic.

From crystals to herbs there are a lot of great fields of magic you can get started on that will allow you to connect to the energy and magic nature has to offer. Pick something that interests you to start studying and really give it your focus before moving on.

Herbs is a great way to start because most kitchens have the basic herbs every witch should have.

Don’t limit yourself to just one field of magic.

Once you get your brings with a field of magick that interests you take some time to explore others. Don’t limit yourself from learning.

Be mindful of cultural appropriation

You will notice that in groups of witches cultural appropriation is a hot button. When adding elements from closed magical practices be mindful of where these come from and change them to make them your own.

Smudging is becoming increasingly popular but takes a step into Native American culture without you being able to truly learn the spiritual practice.

Instead, you are really “smoke cleansing” in this case it is wise to use the right term for what you are doing rather than find yourself drawing unwanted attention or harsh corrections.

Change the vibe of your space.

As a witch, you will begin to feel the vibration of energy around you. As you notice these energies make a point to work them out with cleansing strategies like using smoke cleansing, bells, and crystals among other methods to cleanse the energy of your home and personal spaces.

Don’t spend a lot of money to get started

You don’t have to run out and buy candles, crystals, and expensive tools to get started with witchcraft. While experienced witches have a late collection of things to use this collection was not built in one go. In fact, many of us have used manifestation to bring these things into our lives.

Start by using things you already have as well as free and cheap tools for witchcraft. Use these tools and work your way up.

Work magic into your everyday life.

:: Paint your nails with colors to represent your goals like money, protection, and self-growth. You can use the same colors as you do for candle magic to make this easy.

:: Cook with the intention of adding herbs to your food that have the magical properties that fit your goals you are working on or for healing.

:: Add salt or herbs to your cleaning water to clear negative energy, protect, or bring luck and wealth.

Write down what you are learning

Building a grimoire or a Book of Shadows is a great way to cement what you are learning in your mind and have a place to look back in case you forget. Not everyone feels comfortable with a written book someone can find but you can always opt for a digital version.

Get to really know yourself

We each have a our own path in this journey and we each have different needs. Figure out what is important to you and who you really are. So often we look at our lives and identify as something that ties us to others.

Mother. Wife. Student. Businesswoman. Witch. But these titles are now who we really are.

When you spend time with yourself and getting to know your very spirit you will learn about yourself in a way that you can’t label. This very deep understanding of yourself is a major key to your full magical potential.

Start with basic protection magic.

Often new witches ask what spells they should start with. As you awaken you are more vulnerable than ever. Often new witches draw unwanted attention that they need protection from.

Starting with protection spells is one of the best moves you can make as a new witch. Start with simple protection magic like making black salt or egg powder to sprinkle around your home.

Don’t rush into strong magic or working with spirits and entities

Many new witches want to dive into heavy old magic or working with spirits and fairies. This area of magic is best left to those with some experience.

If you would like to get started out early you can start by simply giving offerings to the spirits and entities you wish to work with to help build a relationship for when you are ready and well-researched.

Work on your psychic abilities.

One of the biggest keys to your magick is your brain and your 3rd eye. This is also known as your psychic abilities. Take some time to strengthen your 3rd eye. Do exercises like in the book Psychic Witch.

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