How to get Free Glass Jars

Have a fascination with glass jars? Find yourself collecting them left and right? If you spend any time connecting with other witches on

social media you quickly learn that the fascination with jars is pretty universal. Glass jars are beautiful and useful for storing everything from pantry goods to storing magickal herbs or making spell jars. 

An addiction to something like glass jars can get expensive fast even if you find yourself raiding the dollar tree regularly or collecting mason jars. The good news is there are several ways to get free glass jars.

ENed glass jars for herb storage or spells? WE all do right? HEre is how to get free glass jars.

How to get free glass jars

Be mindful when you are shopping to get free glass jars when you finish with products you would buy anyways. Always go for foods available in nice airtight glass jars.

From honey to pasta sauce and even your favorite beauty product jars are a great free bonus on items you planned to buy anyways. I have been known to try new foods because they come on pretty glass jars. Boring jars can be spiced up by painting of embellishing the lids.

Candles are a great way to get glass jars for free. Jar candles with pretty shapes and nice lids are always a good thing for your candle collection and when the candle is done simply fill the jar with hot water and let the wax melt.

Melted wax will float to the top where you can remove and use for making fire starters or dispose of in your preferred way.

Talk to your friends and family. Make sure those around you know that you are always up for recycling glass jars they gather and would normally get rid of. So many people mindlessly toss glass jars in the trash, others will throw them in the recycling bin.

Most people are not like us and collect glass jars like they are going out of style. Speak up and you will be amazed how many glass jars find their way to your home. Be sure to let them know you will remove wax and such so they don’t have to.

Finding Free Glass jars is easier than you think.

Freecycle and local buy-sell trade groups are great places to find free listings for glass jars of all shapes and sizes as well as a place to request them.

Keep an eye out for estate and yard sales. While people are meaning to sell items at these sales they most often do not think about things like old glass jars.

Take a moment to ask and you may find yourself walking away with a box of free or close to free glass jars they had forgotten they even wanted to get rid of.

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Visit your local recycling center. Nice glass jars and bottles can often be found for free at the local recycling center from those that toss old candles and such out. These are usually free for the taking for anyone that falls in love with them. Regular visits to your local recycling center is a great way to find all sorts of witchy things.