What Is Moon Water And How To Make It

If you have been spending any amount of time on Witchy social medial pages or have been spending time with other witches the odds are you have heard the term moon water a lot.

Moon water is a major part of many people’s practice and a wonderful tool that you can make for almost nothing making it a great frugal witch tool.

What is moon water?

Moon water is simply water that has been charged by the moon. This simple method allows you to charge water with different moons and use them in your craft later.

I have a stock of moon water hidden away from July 4th 2020 I refer to as chaos water. This moon water is charged by a full moon, A lunar eclipse, a planet parade, and of course the usual chaos of 4th of July.

This concept can be used for any moon that catches your attention. most will make moon water on the full moon but you can harness the moon on any phase to build a collection to use for anything that may arise.

How do you use moon water?


Moon water is great for manifestation. The full moon and new moons are both wonderful options for the manifestation with moon water.

Full moon water is more of a quick response or reaping the harvest of the hard work you have put in.

New moon wafter is great for setting intentions for the weeks ahead and is a great option to manifest success for a project you are starting.

My favorite way to use moon water for manifestation is to make moon water with crystals that attract money in it to drink every day during the month. I will intentionally set a case or two of water bottles with crystals out for this.


Cleaning you home and even your body is a great use for moon water. Moon water is charged with the energy of the moon and can be used to release negative energy and replace it with peace.

Add some moon water to your cleaning water or to a ritual bath to cleanse with.

Empowering your magic

Moon water from different phases can be sued for empowering the magic you are working. Pay attention to the expected results from each moon and collect moon water for intentions that fit that goal


The moon guards over us when the world is dark. This makes moon water a wonderful addition to your next protection spell. From mixing with black salt to draw sigils to sprinkling it around your home you can use this as an addition to any of your favorite protection spells.

How to make moon water

Making your own moon water is easier than you can imagine. Anyone can make and use moon water. All you need to so to make moon water is set the water out in the moon to charge.

Some people believe you need to get to the water in the morning before the sun rises and touches it but honestly, the sun charging it for a bit while you sleep will only make it stronger not reverse the power of your moon water so don’t panic if the sun has risen when you do.

What Containers can you use to make moon water?

Many people will tell you that the only option for making moon water is glass. While glass is always preferred over plastic because it is our job to preserve the environment reusing plastic containers for your moon water is just as valid.

If you are having a bad day or the water available to you is not that great don’t stress about leaving whatever containers of water you already use out in the moonlight. This is particularly important if you plant o drink your moon water.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

The key to picking your container for making moon water is that the moonlight must be able to pass through it. For this reason, clear containers are better than options like stainless steel where you would need to leave the lid off and risk insects getting into your water.