Magic vs Magick

A lot of people read the work magick and think it is a typo. ewer witches may to be familiar with the term Magick and I often write with both Magic and Magick to help search traffic find the sight. This can be a bit confusing but ultimately allows me to reach more of you on a daily basis. I have decided to put together a quick guide to explain the use of the k when you are reading on this site.

Encouraging Young Witches

What is the difference between magic and magick?

Besides the obvious K the difference is the choice of the practitioner. Many witches do not care to set themselves apart from common stage magic, fictional stories, and the game. While others feel it can be important to mark the difference to keep things separate when it comes to working with the energy of the universe and the very energy of life and existence.

In some traditions, Magick helps to differentiate those that practice and those that are dabbling for fun often referred to as a “fluffy bunny.”

Magic vs magick real witches chime in on what term they prefer

“I use both depending on who I am writing with. Honestly, it doesn’t truly matter.” – J.G.

“Magic is the way I was taught. I am near 60 and hard to remember different at my age.” – M.M.

“I use the ‘k’ to differentiate from stage magic.” A.O.

“Magic. The k is just to make people feel special. But its the same.” – A.A.

“I never really thought about it. I don’t tend to write it” – K.K.


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