5 Tips For Fighting Anxiety

With the holidays in full swing, anxiety is coming to a peak for many of us. With the pressures of the season and the stress of dealing with people and their negative energy many of us ake a point to keep away from our homes and families for much of the year it can be hard to cope.

While we have moved out of the latest Mercury Retrograde just in time for the holidays there are still a lot of stressors to fight against. This is why I was inspired to put together a list of spells I use to fight anxiety. In my home, you will almost always find a black candle burning.

These 5 tips will help you protect yourself from anxiety and calm it if you already have it.

1. Guard your energy. We all have a unique energy that must be guarded or others will seep in and steal your light. This year stand your ground, put space between you and toxic people and find peace in knowing that you are doing what is best for you.

2. Give meditation a try. This year we are using meditation as part of our homeschooling and I love how it makes us feel and helps me cope with the overall stress of being surrounded by high-energy children all day long.

The same concept can be put into any situation you may be overwhelmed. Meditation is the perfect way to prepare and recover from a crazy holiday get together. You can even try adding sound like chimes or a singing bowl to add good vibrations to your meditation.

3. Use herbs to your advantage. When I put together an anxiety-fighting infusion like in my Anxiety spells list I look for the strongest herbs to treat the issue like passionflower and tone it down with a more subdued flavor like chamomile also good for anxiety in its own right. Sipping or even just smelling calming herbs can change things quickly.

4. Carry anxiety fighters with you. From worry stones to a bell there are options for anxiety-fighting magic you can carry around with you. On the way out the door to a stressful situation grab your favorite crystal and toss it in your pocket to rub when you need a little calming energy.

5. Acknowledge that your anxiety is legitimate We often try to explain why our anxiety is unwarranted but this can actually feed your anxiety. Instead, take a moment to acknowledge that your anxiety is warranted and valid.

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This alone can be freeing and the first step to banishing anxiety. Once you have validated your feelings dive into banishing the negative energy that made it take hold. Try burning a black candle to absorb negative energy around you.