The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower Tarot Card is one of those cards that send a shiver of fear down the spines of those unfamiliar with tarot when it lands in front of them in a reading. With its dark imagery, this card gives off a negative air but can in truth be a very positive card to have in your spread.

The tower can symbolize a warning of sorts. A sign that something is about to go wrong. This warning can be used to get a step ahead of what is coming your way. A warning is a blessing to receive.

Guide to the tower tarot card

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Take a moment to draw your own The Tower tarot card. You can use cards from other decks as inspiration or just use your imagination and go with the flow. Trust your gut on this one and feel the meaning behind your art.

The tower is most often depicted as a large tower with flames and people jumping from it. The burning tower represents a crisis or disaster that may be ahead of you.

The people jumping from the tower can be a representation of someone jumping headfirst into a bad decision. This card is often depicted s a scene of utter chaos often representing a chaotic turn in your life.

Some keywords to pay attention to when the tower card comes up include:

*upright card*

The Tower Card Upright:

:: Warning

:: Sudden change

:: Upheaval

:: Chaos

:: Revelation

:: Awakening

The Tower Card Reversed:

:: Personal transformation

:: Change

:: Averting disaster

:: Fear of upcoming change

Upright meaning of The Tower tarot card

Guide to the tower tarot card

The tower upright can be very scary when pulled in your reading. This can symbolize a warning of something to come. Usually, other cards in the pull can give a hint as to what you are looking at.

Sometimes this card just represents a change or awakening of sorts. When The Tower Card is pulled prepare for things to get a bit crazy around you or even for you to have a change of heart. Don’t fear what this card has to tell you but instead use it to your advantage.

Reverse meaning of The Tower

When you pull the reverse of The Tower it is telling you about a change ahead. This can be a major personal transformation.

When this card is pulled in a spread look at how it could be connected to other things the cards are telling you. If this pops up when asking a question about your personal life reflect on whether or not it is trying to tell you that you are holding yourself back with far of change ahead.

If you have asked a question about a relationship or business the Tower reversed could be an indication of sidestepping a disaster. Heed the advice of the rest of the cards in the pull to help avert disaster and avoid chaos. This is a good time to take a look at self-care and magic that focuses on relieving Anxiety.

Moves to make after pulling The Tower tarot card

When you pull the tower card don’t get worked up. Instead, use this as an opportunity to see what is ahead of you or how to deal with a situation. The

Tower is like your old aunt that always has something to say about a choice you made or situation you are getting yourself into that somehow is always right but you don’t notice until it is all over.

Take a moment to look inside yourself and see what you may be afraid of or could be holding you back in life. Take this warning as a chance to evaluate your life and make a change to help prevent your life from being turned upside down in a negative way and embrace positive change.

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One thing to keep in mind is that Tarot can only tell you the path you are on. You hold the power to change your future with the choices you make.