Magic Money Tea Spell

Money magic is one of my favorite types of magick lately. Over the past year or practicing regular money magic all the way down to a spell enchanting this site (yep want more money?

Pick up some of that prosperity energy every time you visit. There is even a sigil in the site icon at the top.) we have seen huge gains in our income and our life is much more comfortable financially than it was last year.

I am not the only one. Some of my most popular posts are dealing with money magic.  Today for the new moon we made Magic Money Tea.

What goes in a Magic Money Tea Spell

Brewing a herbal infusion or tea is a great way to use herbs in your magic. When choosing the ingredients for my money magick tea spell I looked for herbs that taste well in a tea while providing herbs that are powerful for drawing in money.

For this tea I decided the start of the show would be a fresh cinnamon stick. One of the properties cinnamon is attracting money but it also helps ground you and activates the root chakra which can help you attract prosperity and even boost creativity to help you find ways to pull money in.

I like adding mint to money magic because this money attracting herb is easy to grow. In fact, you can grow mint as a ground cover in areas that do not see a lot of traffic. This will help bring prosperity to your home while giving you an endless supply of mint for your magic.

The last herb I picked for this money spell is Chamomile. This grounding herb is good for relaxing and allowing energy to flow.

Chamomile is great for attracting money and also great for helping prevent you from standing in the way of your own magick. So often our spells fall flat due to our own negativity and doubt stepping in and getting in the way.

Remember that your thoughts have power so try to relax and keep negative thoughts away from your magic.

How to perform a magic money tea spell

This money spell is as simple as making a cup of tea and relaxing while thinking about the things you would like to add to your life with the money that comes your way.

If paying the bills is your struggle think about the lights being on, your home being warm and cozy over the winter and the water running while you soak in a hot bath.

The clearer your vision the stronger your magic. Now that you know where your magick is going to take you. Take your freshly cleared mind filled with thoughts of the good coming your way and get to work.

Look for opportunities to bring that money into your life. Get up, get out, and do something. All the magic in the world won’t does anything if you are sitting in a corner thinking about how much money you need and how you don’t know how you will get it.

If you can’t find inspiration to make money take your time to bless others. Helping others is a special kind of magic that draws blessings to you and getting out of the house to bless others is a great way to give the universe the opportunity to give you the blessings you desire in life.

How to make magic money tea

What you need:

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  • 6-8 oz steaming hot water
  • Honey to taste

Steep tea and cinnamon stick in hot water for 3-4 minutes until the desired strength is reached. Add honey to taste for a touch of sweetness and for its money-drawing power.

How To Use Herbs To Attract Money