How To Use Plants In Your Magic

Plants are one of my favorite magical tools. Often when you think about a witch and plants what comes to mind is a Green Witch or a witch that primarily works with nature and plants but anyone can take advantage of the wonderful magickal properties of plants no matter what your personal style is.

Plants can be used in so many ways from growing them to cooking with them leaving the possibilities of ways you can use plants in magic nearly limitless.

Grow your own garden

Gardening is a great way to infuse plant magic into your life. You can use growing plants as spells all on their own by putting intention onto the plant as you sow the seeds, water and fertilize your plant, and watch it grow.

Plants are helpful for magick that involves things like prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind. These spells are usually about growth and the spell can take from the growth of the plants. 

Inside your garden, you can add wonderful areas to invite the fae to work their magic in your garden. In these areas, you can leave offerings and grow plants that they can get value from

Grow your own herbs. Herbs are a helpful addition to your magical supplies. When you take the time to grow them in your garden you have control over what kinds of chemicals they are exposed to. This is so critical when you are using herbs for their medicinal properties. 

Grow plants indoors

Of course, the benefits of growing your own plants don’t stop at the door. Bringing your garden inside with house plants. Growing plants in your home is a great way to take advantage of plant magic. 

Growing plants indoors is easy and there are so many ways you can incorporate them into your magic. I personally love to add crystals to my house plants. Or… well they add themselves I should say.

I have a Tigers Eye crystal that ends up bouncing from house plant to house plant. 

You can use plants in Fung Shui as a way to increase wealth, encourage growth, protect your home, and much more. 

Use herbs in your cooking

Your kitchen magic can be enhanced by using plants. Using herbs and their magical and medicinal properties in your cooking is a great way to incorporate plants as you weave magic into your everyday life.

For me this allows me to work healing, protection, and prosperity right into my family’s meals. I am so skilled at what I do when I do this that my kids are convinced that I can heal just about anything with a heady meal. 

Craft with essential oils

Essential oils make a great addition to your magical workings. They can be diffused while you work on a spell, used for scenting candles for spells, or making magical baths.

A simple starter pack of essential oils is perfect for diving into using plants in your magic. Add a few drops of protective oil like cinnamon to your homemade black salt.

Cleanse with herbs

Another effective option is to burn incense or use herbs like cinnamon for smoke cleansing. Herbs are a powerful tool for cleansing and protecting your home. Herbs make a great addition to homemade cleaning supplies you can use in spells or ritual baths. 

Try your hand at foraging

Foraging is a great way to allow nature spirits to bring to you what you need. A simple walk in the woods is likely to lead you to a plant that may be a helpful addition to your next magical work.

Or perhaps you are meant to take a cutting and grow that plant back in your garden. Avoid using foraged plants in edible spells unless you can confidently identify the plant.

Perform your spells in nature

What better way to enjoy the wonderful magick plants have to offer than to surround yourself with them while you work your spells, meditate, or ground yourself.

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The more time we spend in nature the more we can connect with it and the cycle of life that ultimately connects us to the very plants we wish to utilize in our magic.