Building your Pagan Community

We all need a good community to grow and thrive. People we can turn to in our time of need, gather with when we need interaction, and ask for advice when life sends its challenges. Building your pagan communities can help make you a better person and a better witch. These tips will help you find your community and nourish it.

Building Your Pagan Community

Facebook groups have helped to bring more and more people together. Joining pagan groups on Facebook is a great way to make the most of this platform to build your pagan community.  Come join us in our Facebook group for a great community of witchy women that want to make friends.

Make local friends. While online communities are great for people that are in the broom closet or looking in a community that lacks in diversity local physically connected communities are an amazing asset. gathering together with friends and family to build your own pagan community or coven is a great way to connect. Having people that can have your back can be a life-changing experience.

Meet people at events. When you see pagan events and gatherings advertised in your area make a point of venturing out. This is a great way to meet local people that are like-minded individuals. Many covens have formed from friends that met at these events.

Spend time at your local Pagan shops. This is a great way to find new treasures and make new connections with fellow Pagans near you. The owner of the shop is a great resource for information and local events. Think of them as the Witchy version of your local librarian.

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Nourishing your Pagan Community

Make a point to nourish these vital relationships to help keep your Pagan Community strong. Gather together often. Pop in and check on a friend even if that is just a quick message on Facebook Messanger. By nourishing your relationships you can build your community and keep it strong. Here are a few ideas to help nourish your Pagan community.

  • Stop into Facebook groups and send out some positive energy others can draw from.
  • Plan an event for Pagans near you.
  • Help Pagan parents in your community help teach their children.
  • Donate your old books to the local library for young Pagans in your community.
  • Build a safe magical space to gather with others.
  • Gather together for meditation and mindfulness activities.