Magical Herbs And Spices That Can Hide In Your Kitchen

For many witches keeping their art a secret is vital. Whether they live in a home with people that are against witchcraft need to keep up appearances for the outside world being a stealthy witch has its advantages.

If you are looking to keep your magic stealthy you can take advantage of your kitchen to stash magical herbs and spices right under everyone’s noses.

Why hid your spell ingredients in your kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place to hide herbs and spices you don’t want everyone to know you are using for magic.

Magical herbs and spices that can hide in your kitchen


Oregano is a great magical herb that has many kitchens uses. Oregano blends well into savory meats, soups, Italian sauces, and herbed bread with little effort. This herb can be used ins spells for luck, money, and protection. Oregano can be used in spells regarding love and friendship as well as enhancing physic abilities.


Cinnamon has many great magical properties and is highly underrated. Cinnamon blends well into any kitchen because of its many uses. Cinnamon makes a great calming tea and can even be used as an aphrodisiac as it stimulates oxytocin making it the perfect addition to love spells and helping to encourage self-love in your favorite beauty spells.


Salt is a kitchen staple for adding flavor to food but it also makes an amazing addition to your magical supplies. Salt is used for clearing away negative energy and protection spells. You can use ordinary salt to make your own black salt.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is amazing for adding flavor to savory meats and stews. Magically bay leave is amazing for manifesting spells including use for money spells. Write what you want on a bay leaf and burn it to attract your goal.


Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory healing properties. In the kitchen, you can use turmeric to add flavor to savory dishes or to use as a food coloring.

Turmeric milk is a great everyday magic spell you can use in the evening to promote peace and healing. Turmeric can be used in magic for strength, purification, and passion along with its inherent healing abilities.


Basil is one of my favorite herbs for money magic. This herb can be a great way to add flavor to your Italian dishes and a dash of power to your magic. Cooking with basil is a great way to attract wealth to your home and family.

No one thinks of anything of this spice when they see this staple in the kitchen and you can put it to work for money, health, and protection.

magical herbs and spices in the kitchen

Black peppercorns are great for protection spells. Sprinkle black peppercorns in your yard to break curses and protect your home and family.

Mint can be used for tea or baking. When using mint you can weave intentions for prosperity and healing into yur food.

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Chamomile is great for tea so loose leaf tea lovers can hide this magical herb in plan site. Use Chamomile to fight anxiety, induce restful sleep, and even provide protection and break curses.