Can You Buy Your Own Tarot Deck?

This question comes up often. A bit of bad advice that has been going around for years and just won’t quit.

This common miss conception is often passed down by young witches just learning themselves and keeps getting passed around. Can you buy your own Tarot deck? Yes. Yes, you can.

Why do people say you can not buy your own tarot deck?

This myth comes from the thought that your tarot deck has to choose you and to do so will speak to someone else to find its way to you. The truth is there are many great ways for a tarot deck to find its way to you.

A tarot deck that chooses you can get your attention at the store where you walk past and keep finding yourself gravitating back to it before giving in and buying it at the last moment.

Perhaps there is a deck you have seen online again and again and just feel drawn to? Ordering this deck that is calling to you will likely land you a copy that fits you like a glove.

Don’t be afraid to let a tarot deck find you even if that means you are the one paying for it., The universe has its reasons for calling you to a deck and for providing you with the funds to buy it when it does call.

How can you get a tarot deck?

Getting a tarot deck is easier than you think While you can certainly get a tarot deck from a friend and I have received decks this way that has really connected with me. This is not the only way to get a tarot deck.

:: A friend (my favorite deck was from a friend decluttering her stash)

:: Find one online on sites like Amazon

:: Run into a deck at the book store that speaks to you

:: Visit a metaphysical shop

:: Find a hand-designed tarot deck on Etsy

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