Can I Use Witchcraft For My Own Gain?

We have had a major influx in new witches recently. We have also had a major influx of those that are still trapped in the legalistic mindset of modern Christianity and other religions that put limitations on its followers.

This had led to many that like to give out rules they have heard and taken to heart. One of these was brought to my attention when I was asked “I can I use witchcraft for my own gain?”

My jaw dropped at the near thought that someone would feel the need to ask this question. After all, if you can not use witchcraft for yourself then what really is the point?

After a few questions, I discovered that another witch had told this young witch that she can not use witchcraft for self-gain.

Can you wise witchcraft and magic for yourself?

This one lands right up there with the “Rule about not buying your own tarot deck. It is flat out hogwash. From attracting money or love to helping to protect and heal yourself there are no limitations to the magick you can do for yourself or anyone else.

Witchcraft is not a religion and there are no rules you have to follow beyond understanding karma and the natural consequences your choices and actions make. Magick and witchcraft is deeply personal and it is perfectly fine to do what you need to do to get the most from your craft.

Why you should use witchcraft for yourself

I am going to be clear with you. If you can not do witchcraft to benefit yourself you are not practicing enough to do witchcraft for others.

You can not decide you suddenly know everything about magic, herbs, tarot, or any other form of magic if you have never done it. The best place to start with magick is for yourself and doing anything otherwise is energetically irresponsible.

Using witchcraft to bring prosperity, happiensss, and calm into to your life makes your life go smoother. Magic is a powerful tool to take control of your own life, remove blocks and make changes for a more positive future.

When you stepped into the world of witchcraft you stepped way from the legalistic rules of religion and into the rules of the universe.

It is the universe you answer to and karma that dishes out the reward/punishment for your choices.

The universe wants you to be happy, be successful, and be healthy and it has given you the tools to make that happen you just have to use them.

Where to start using witchcraft for yourself

I suggest starting with a little prosperity magick. When we are in a better posting financially we are able to help others more and I do not know anyone right now that couldn’t use a little more prosperity in their lives. Check out these herbs to attract money to get you started or make some magick money tea.

How about a spell to attract love or learn to love yourself? Love spells are a fun place many new witches are eager to dive headfirst into.

Have anxiety issues? These spells to relieve anxiety is a great place to start. How about having some fun with beauty spells for a little self care?

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