How To Center Your Energy

Centering is a powerful way to gather your energy and turn it inward. This can aid in grounding and gathering energy for magic and energy work. This skill is a great tool for helping to get the most out of your energy. To center, you must connect with your energy field and pull it in creating balance. Grounding and centering gives you more control over your magic and helps to prevent your energy from changing the effect of the spell.

Why should you practice centering?

Centering is a powerful tool for enhancing your magic or just for helping to gather your energy in stressful situations. If you are empathic you can use centering combined with shielding to help you protect your energy from connecting with the energy of others in crowds.

I like to center my energy before any energy work or healing. This allows me to balance my energy field and direct that energy into my task. Using your energy this way is not an issue because as you grow you can learn to pull energy from the universe around you for use using this same method.

How do you center your energy?

Centering your personal energy field.

For me centering my energy just takes a little focus. The trick is to find somewhere quiet where I can focus for a moment. I pull in a slow deep breath, less deep than others due to an issue with my ribs but deep enough to fill my lungs to the maximum they can handle. With this breath, I pull the energy into the center of my physical body.

For each person pulling your energy to your center will feel different. For me, it is a warm vibrating sensation in my abdomen just above my belly button leading back into my spine. this sensation while unusual at first can become one of great calm and comfort.

What you feel when centering can be completely unique to you. Some engage more senses as their energy becomes more concentrated while centering. Others will be more like me and see senses shutting down as energy from the perceptive energy body is turning inwards. This can be a blessing for empaths or those with sensory processing issues that need to dampen sensory perception.

Breathwork and yoga

Centering yourself can be a challenge sometimes. Breathwork or focusing on your breath as it goes in and out using each inhalation to pull your energy inward is a great way to center. This is one of my favorite ways to center when alone out in nature. Where I can bask in the beauty of the earth, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the taste of sea salt off the ocean or the smell of grass freshly cut nearby.

Yoga is a great centering activity. Choose poses that require balance to naturally find and push energy to your center. Pay attention to your breaths as you perform each. When using yoga to center you may notice as your energy pulls in your skin feels hot faster than it does in other workouts. This is from your energy body blending with the explosive kinetic energy in your muscles as they work.

Centering the universe and its energy

Another form of centering is to make yourself the center of the energetic universe. This can be useful for gathering energy and utilizing it from within the universe. This form of centering can feel very different from centering your individual energy field. This is a pivotal point of both empowerment and surrender.

Before entering this universal energy you should ground yourself and prepare for the surge of energy and sensory perception. As you place yourself in the center of the universe you will notice a shift as you connect with the energy around you.

Imagine yourself inside of a large quartz crystal. This crystal is radiating energy out into the universe and pulling back energy from around itself. Become one with this pulsing energetic crystal. Relax yourself surrendering to the energy of the universe.

From this state of connected consciousness, you can reach out your senses allowing you to connect at greater distances. This can be a powerful tool for doing any sort of distance work as it allows you to use the web of energy through the universe to connect to your target. With this you can engage your senses even at a great distance. Centering with the universe is a great way to expand the quality of your senses.

Where do you center your energy?

We each have a center to our energetic body. For most of us this will be right at the center of our physical bodies as well. Finding your center is simple and vital to centering your energy. There are several simple ways to find your individual center.

For most of us our energy center is at the center of our bodies. Between the belly button and spine. As you pull your energy inward you will feel a change in your physical body that helps you find this spot.  For me, this is a warm buzzing sensation that I find rather calming. This may be due to my sensory issues and the fact drawing my energy inwards helps to cut off that bombardment of overstimulation. This is often the focus of my time in meditation when I am having a rough overwhelmed day.

Your energetic center can be of varying size as small as a snack-size apple or as large as a beach ball taking up much of your abdomen. Make note of what you feel when you find your center to make connecting to it easier in the future.

Centering your energy to other parts of your body

You do not always need to center your energy to your actual center. Depending on what you are working on another place like your heart or pineal gland (3rd eye) can be a great way to focus your energy for the intended task.

Centering your energy on your heart is a great way to place your energy into anything working with the heart chakra, inner healing, self-love, or focus on connections and relationships. When centering your energy on your heart you may feel a warmth almost as if you are being hugged by your energy. This can be particularly comforting when you are struggling in life and need comfort. Many of us naturally do this when we think about a lost loved one.

Centering your energy on your third eye is a great way to help enhance your perception or connecting to your psychic gifts. This is one method I use to help make better connections when speaking to spirits. This can lead to a warm heavy feeling in my head. When I center my energy on my 3rd eye I am able to pick up signals easier allowing me to hear, feel, and even smell messages that are being sent to me.

When should you center your energy?

Centering is a major part of successful grounding and should be down when you are grounding. you should center yourself before working with magic or connecting with spirits. We are responsible for our energy and must control it to prevent issues from working magic with uncontrolled energy. 

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When you’re upset, stressed, or overwhelmed you should center and pull your energy inwards. This is a lesson I wish I would have learned when I was young and had a habit of breaking things if I got too close to them while upset. Glass shattering a few feet away on a regular basis can be quite frustrating.