Encouraging Young Witches

What do you do when your child tells you they are a witch? At some point in every child’s life, they discover the magic inside themselves. They discover that they can affect the outcome of things around them.

Some children that grew up in Christian households believe this influence is from prayer and an answer to their faith. Others feel there is something different inside them.

If you found this page odds are you are open to this if you are not please keep reading as your reaction will change your child’s future. Let’s talk about encouraging young witches.

Encouraging Young Witches

How do parents react when their child tells them they are a witch?

There are two types of parents. The ones like me that embrace this announcement and see it as a blessing and a joy. We did not tell my children about me. Never explained.

It’s easier when you don’t want the kids telling everyone in the neighborhood. This meant that when my oldest came to me and told me about the things she could do she had no outside influence. It was in fact like me her own discovery of herself.

So we decided to tell the older children that have hit the age they will not go telling the neighbors. I opened my closet with the lock and let them explore. It didn’t take long before the younger crew joined in. That closet has now overflowed into the home even when the sun is up and I love every moment of it.

As a child, my family reacted quite differently. My mother was convinced that I would go to hell. She did everything she could to throw a wrench into everything I tried.

Threw out books of shadows, herbs, and candles. She wanted me to conform to what she thought was right. Eventually, my stepdad who thought it was just a phase convinced her to back off a bit.

She still messed with things when he was not around but I no longer had to hear how I was going to hell. All in all that reaction is the main reason I became a closet witch.

Though it came in handy when I married into a Catholic family or lived near nosey neighbors that would stop by.

I firmly believe the best thing you can do is take the time an effort you would put into judging and use it for encouraging young witches. Maybe it is a phase but in the end, by encouraging them to follow their hearts and excepting them you are giving them the opportunity to become comfortable with who they are.

Books for encouraging young witches

Parenting can be hard but if you suddenly find yourself a parent of a young witch you may be wondering where to start guiding them. I suggest you check out my tips for pagan parenting to get started. Here are a couple books to add to your bookshelf perfect for young witches.

 Coloring Book of Shadows: Witch Life

To encourage your young witch this Coloring Book Of Shadows is a great way to get them started learning and help them get a feel for the beauty of magic.

 The Teen Spell Book: Magick for Young Witches

Looking for a spell book for your young witch? The Teen Spell Book: Magick for Young Witches is a great place to start. Teen-friendly spells.

Tools of magick

If your child comes to you and tells you that they are a witch and you make the choice to encourage them you may be wondering what tools your young witch needs.

The truth is they do not NEED anything to use the magick within themselves. Tools, herbs, and such just help your young witch tune into the magic they already have. Most everything else they can make themselves.

There are many great kid-friendly witchcraft tools. If you wish to buy them anything that is amazing and will definitely help encourage your young witch. Here are a few ideas to get your shopping list started.

Encouraging Young Witches

Good books are always the most valuable thing you can get your young witch. While the two above area a great place to start take your child to your local bookstore and have them choose a book or two on a topic that calls them.

From spells to tarot, and herbs there are so many things that they can learn about through books.

Candles are great for older witches that have become mature enough to be trusted with fire. A set of small spell candles is a great option.

Crystals are valuable for magic. They are a great way to encourage your young witch. If you can only get one grab a clear quartz that can be used to stand in for any other crystal.

Herbs and spices are an easy thing to stock for your young witch. Keeping your spice rack well stocked and adding new ones that catch your young witches interest is a great way to have more flavor to your food and help aid your young witch’s magic. Need some ideas? Check out this list of starter herbs every witch should have.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Glass jars are vital for witches. For everything from herb storage to spell jars there are always uses for glass jars. The best part is you can get glass jars for free.