Kid-Friendly Witchcraft Supplies

Each month I do a spell on the full moon with the kids. This month I decided we would do a prosperity spell and ordered groms green birthday candles for a frugal way to get each child a green candle of their own.

I realized that the faster burn time is easier for them as well. That inspired me to think about witchcraft supplies that are frugal and kid-friendly for teaching kids about witchcraft.

Birthday Candles

Birthday candles inspired me in this because they are extremely kid-friendly. Instead of candle holders, we opted to get some cupcakes. I think we will be sending births ay candle often so I will get molding clay for them to make their own candle holders. We used green birthday candles for this easy kid-friendly money spell.

This brought me back to when I first started using candles in magic and would buy packs of dollar-store candles. birthday candles were perfect for frugal magic and helping to practice as a closet witch.

Cinnamon Brooms

Last year the kids went crazy for my cinnamon broom. this year I plan to buy enough for each child to decorate into their very own Bosem. Cinnamon brooms are child size and already assembled and scented with cinnamon a grounding scent that clears away negative energy.

Add some ribbon, charms, bells, and crystals and the kids will have something amazing to start out with and build the habit of cleaning the energy in their space while they are young.


Bells make such a happy sound and clear out negative energy. Bells are perfect for entertaining fairies in your garden or protecting your home from negative spirits. My younger children are always taking bells out of the box on the bookshelf and I think it is about time each child makes some witch bells for their rooms.

Moon Water

Making moon water is such a simple and low-cost way to work magic with your child and encourage young witches to explore how to use nature in their magic. Throughout the month you can show your child how to use that moon water for cleansing and energy work.


Baking, cooking, and creating in the kitchen are great for teaching your child everything from math to magic. Cooking with kids doesn’t have to be complicated but can make a powerful difference in your child’s learning and growth.

Use the time you spend in the kitchen with your child to talk about where food comes from, how it nourishes their body, and correspondence for herbs you use in your kitchen.


Plants are such a big part of witchcraft. Starting a garden with your child is ag great way to teach them about plants and the earth in general. Start a garden with your child or give them their own garden bed to encourage them to get up close and personal with plants.

Allow your child to choose what they will grow so they can form a personal connection with the plant. Take this chance to talk to your child about the fae and how to attract fairies to their garden to work with later.

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Thread and yarn

Creating with thread and yarn as you we’ve and knit is a great way to build on your intentions. Creating while knitting something for someone else is a great way to wave a protection spell for them. Kids friendship bracelet sets are a great place to start with thread magick.