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Parents: This element needs a lot more parental supervision to work with. Start by teaching your child basic fire safety and to ALWAYS use precautions like fire safe dishes, clearing away flammable objects, and keeping water nearby.

This weeks shopping list:

This week you will need a candle. Birthday candles make great child-friendly witchcraft supplies as they burn down quickly and are very low cost.

Fallen sticks

Basic art supplies, ribbons, and art scraps

Kids Lessons:

Today we are going to learn about fire and build your won magick wand to place on your altar to represent fire. First, you will need to go out and find a stick. For your wand, you want a stick that naturally fell from a tree. This is respectful to the trees because you didn’t need to harm them to make your wand.

Once you have picked a stick that feels good in your hands you can use basic arts and craft supplies you have around the house to decorate your wind. Use your imagination and intuition to create something uniquely you.

Add a page to your book of shadows to markdown correspondences for the element of fire or use the page in the printer below. This will allow you to connect this element to your magic and give you a place to add notes as you learn more.

Get to know fire personally. Place a birthday candle into a fun treat you can eat later or make a holder out of clay. Burn the candle and spend time focusing on the flame. Watch it dance and get to know fire on a personal level.


  • Direction: South
  • Power: Masculine
  • Season: Summer
  • Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Colors: Red, Orange, Gold
  • Plants: Basil, cinnamon, garlic, onion, nettle, peppers
  • Animals: Lizzard, Lion, Scorpion
  • Crystals: Fire opal, Ruby, Garnet, Red Jasper, Lava stone, Tigers eye
  • Deities: Hestia, Freya
  • Tarot: Wands



Fire has its own elemental that you can work with. We will cover these in the future but if you want to take a peek you can learn a little bit about these spirits here.

Book Recommendations

The First Fire: A Cherokee Story

Elements of Magic: Reclaiming Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit

Extreme Wildfire: Smoke Jumpers, High-Tech Gear, Survival Tactics, and the Extraordinary Science of Fire