Hocus Pocus Gift Guide

Personally, I am not big on the Hocus Pocus bandwagon. That said my husband is CRAZY about the movie and so are a couple of the kids. With Samhain rolling in I am looking for some fun gift ideas when everything is in stock. One thing about shopping for Yule early is that I can take advantage of things like this. Hocus Pocus gifts are perfect for any time of year of course. In fact Hocus Pocus everything is perfect for showing some Witchy Pride in the fall along with your witchy coffee mugs.

Hocus Pocus Gifts For Your Witchy Friends

Not Your Basic Witch reusable coffee cups are a great eco-friendly option for getting your coffee. These will be sure to start up a conversation this fall when you hit the coffee shop

I can’t get over how cute this Hocus Pocus Spell Book Necklace is. It’s a great statement piece and would be a fun addition to any fall wardrobe.

This “I took a DNA test and it turns out I am 100% That Witch” T-shirt is sure to be a hit as the meme takes off on social media.

This simple Hocus Pocus throw pillow is perfect for blending into any home decor.

Add this Hocus Pocus wreath to your door for a witchy flair and none of your neighbors would suspect a thing.

Hocus Pocus Gifts For Kids

Micky’s ears are super popular right now. These Hocus Pocus Micky Ears inspired by the Sanderson Sisters dresses are a great gift for the young witch on your list.

This Hocus Pocus onesie is perfect for your little one.

This cute Hocus Pocus Nightlight Lantern is so perfect for the little one that needs an extra bit of light at night. Add a battery operated tea light and have your little one carry it around all dressed up for Halloween.

My girls are gonna go crazy over this Hocus Pocus Hair Bow for their collection.

Hocus Pocus Gifts For Men

The biggest villains come together for this Fun FRIENDS T-shirt perfect for any Hocus Pocus and scary movie fan.

Check out this men’s Hocus Pocus t-shirt that defiantly does not have the girly vibe most hocus pocus items do.

Want more gifts for your witchy friends? Check out these beautiful smudge sticks and these witchy coffee mugs.

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Hocus Pocus Gift Ideas