How To Begin Working With The Fae

The fae have powerful magic and when we build a relationship with them we are able to use that magic to aid our own energy in our magickal work.

The fae do not reveal themselves to everyone but can be an amazing blessing to those they like. To begin working with the fae you need to earn their trust.

Invite the fae into your space

If you wish to work with the fae you need to offer them a space they are welcome to visit. For this, I suggest an area out in your yard that can be designed into a welcoming fairly garden to attract fairies to you and give them a space that they want to visit often.

To invite the fae to your space you can use several tips for attracting fairies to make a space they want to visit. This includes embracing wildlife and growing flowers, allowing animals to roam freely, and placing fairy homes and fairy doors around the space.

Give offerings

Before you can begin to work with the fae you need to have a relationship with them. The best way to build a relationship with the fae is to give them offerings. The fae love ingredients for their magic and food that has been made by you own hand. Here is a simple guide to faerie offerings.

Protect yourself when working with the fae

Never give the fae your real name. Simply give them a nickname that they may call you by. “I am …”

Never eat food offered to you as a gift from the fae. They will not be installed by this if you politely avoided eating it. After being offered food be sure to give them an offering in return.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

If fairies get out of hand in your garden here are a few tips on what to do about fairies in your garden.