The Basic Types Of Ghosts

Ghosts are fascinating spirits that were at one point living beings. This is more common with humans than animals. In our lives many of us will find ourselves face to face with a ghost.

I have had many amazing and sometimes scary encounters with ghosts in my lifetime. As a medium, this has become an everyday part of my life and my home is often a pit stop for wayward souls. 

Phantoms or apparitions

Phantoms and aspirations are the most common type of ghost you are likely to encounter. These are often loved ones or the recently dead stopping by to send a message or confused souls trying to find their way. Sometimes these phantoms relive their tragic deaths over and over again stuck in an endless cycle that we get a glimpse of.

As a child, we lived in a small mobile home. When the lights were off at night my sister and I would watch a young woman holding a baby flee through our bedroom and out into the main part of the house. This phantom was trapped in the cycle of the death of her and her child as she fled for her life. 

Spirit guides, protectors and “Guardian Angels”

Some Ghosts are really the spirits of loved ones, protectors, and guides that stick with us. These spirits have an immense connection to us and can manifest when they are needed.

Last year my father died tragically after a massive heart attack. In his time since his death, he has acted as a guardian for my sister.

Last winter she was attacked by a local serial killer right outside of her home she shared with our father. She walked away.

My brother now lives in the house with her and has been going through many struggles. One night he woke up from a dad dream to see an aura of a figure my father’s build. He felt safe and protected and we believe that our father was stepping in to bring him comfort. 

I have the ability to speak to dad so he has a tendency to be much more direct with me when he visits. Unlike most of my other spirit guides my father can be a bit blunt and says things just the right way to push me just like he did when I was young. 


Hunts are often associated with a story passed on for generations that creates energy allowing many to perceive the event playing out. 

During our time on Fort Kiely Kansas, we had many experiences with ghosts and have been told many stories from friends. Shortly after our arrival, my husband’s corporal had told us the story of the horsemen riding across the Cavalry Parade Field. This is said to be Custor himself.

While many have said they could see this happening I was only granted feeling the sensation of hoofs pounding and energy flaring as they passed ups by during an event helped out on the field.

This hunt comes from the story of Custor gathering an escort and riding back to check on his wife during the cholera outbreak that took many lives in a matter of days. While not associated with a death the story lives on.


As a young child, my grandmother had a boyfriend that killed himself. After his death, her home and even homes she moved into after would have poltergeist activity. The TV would turn on to his favorite show “X Files” and my grandma would have to unplug the TV. Lights often went on and off and doors would open themselves.

I always assumed this was her late boyfriend’s spirit until I learned that poltergeists are often the psychokinetic manifestation of a living person after trauma. In her case it would be from the guilt she felt over blaming herself for his death. The activity finally ended after her dementia took her memories of the man away.

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