The Basics Of Sex Magic

I am stepping out of my normal here to discuss a form of magick I have been experimenting with for a couple of years now. There is not a lot of information on the internet to help witches that wish to dive into sex magick.

The recourses available all say pretty much the same thing leaving you looking for more information. I have decided to spend some time working on a guide to sex magick.

So what is sex magick?

Sex magic is the act of using sex in your spellcraft. This can be totally personal to you. Most guides to sex magick tell you to focus on your intent while you orgasm.

This can be a major challenge because let’s face it if you are having a good time you are likely to forget what you wanted. There are many other great ways to use sex in your magick the only real rule is to well have sex wither it be with a partner or even yourself.

Use sex for energy

My favorite way to use sex in magick is to use it to raise energy. The point of orgasm is not the be all end all for the energy and power that comes from sex. This gradual building and explosion of energy can leave you buzzing with physical and spiritual energy.

The key to this is to control your breathing. Count your breaths to slow them down like you do during mediation. This will allow you to truly experience the sensations in your body and keep you from huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf and using up all of your energy.

Slow calculated breaths that you practice during meditation can make your orgasms feel even better. The biggest benefit is that you feel a surge of power running through you rather than out into the universe.

This surge of energy can be put into anything you can dream of. It is the perfect time to cast a spell or dive into work that needs to get done while your mind and body are buzzing.

Using a candle to focus your energy.

Not everyone can focus on a clear goal in their head while having sex. I for one and one of those people. My brain wants nothing more than to bask in the energy exchange and physical touch with my partner. I have learned you can still harness this energy.

Burning a candle when performing magic is a great way to keep your intentions burning long after your mind has been distracted by life, family, and even sex.

Light a candle near where you will be performing your sex magick with your intentions clear in your mind. Setting your intentions in that candle and feeding the energy of your sexual encounter is a great way to harness that energy.

Why is sex such a strong force for magick?

Sex is a powerful transfer of energy between you and your partner. Your very life force flows between each other. Your energy searing a mark of them for a lifetime and theirs on you.

SEX is literally a Sacred Energy eXchange. This energy exchange can be a major driving force for magic. This is where masculine and feminine energy collides and blends together making them stronger than ever. This energy force is so strong it can form a new life.

What about sex magic for the LBGTQ+ community?

When you read the bit there about masculine and feminine energy you may have thought what about couples that are not heterosexual? The question of how to explain this to kids came up in one of my Pagan homeschool groups and I figured my answer would be useful here as well.

SEX is the exchange of energy between the masculine and the feminine. When we think of this we often think male and female. The truth is it doesn’t end there.

We all have masculine and feminine energy. This is shown in our hormones as we all have male and female hormones in our bodies. We each have the compacity of both masculine and feminine energy allowing regardless of whether we have a penis or a vagina.

In the case of sex magic or for some practitioners The Great Right one partner fills a roll for each form of energy as they see fit to allow for the continuous flow of energy. Often this is without thought. We all practice ur craft our own way.

Masturbation and sex magic.

Masturbation can be an amazing way to bring energy to your magick. In this form, it can be much easier to focus on your overall goal. Any spell you can work with a partner you can do on your own. Set your intentions before starting and try to invasion those intentions when you climax using the process to build up energy.

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