Witchcraft and Your Period

There is a point in each month for women where their vary assistance is a joke or even a taboo in some cultures. This doesn’t make us feel like the goddess that we are and it can be a major hit to our self-esteem.

It doesn’t have to be that way and it shouldn’t. Your period is a point of immense power for you.

In the past women, periods were seen as witchcraft in of themselves. After all, It would be offly scary as a ban to watch a woman bleed for days on end and be just fine. If they did that they would be in pretty bad shape.

This has led to some cultures separating women on their cycles from the rest of society. even the bible refers to a woman on her cycle as unclean.

This as you know is far from true unless you are not properly caring for yourself. Your period is a shedding of tile and blood that your body had prepared to sustain another life should it have been created.

Your period is literally a shedding of protective and life-sustaining energy. The energy that can be used in your magick.

How your cycle affects your magic.

Women have cycles that closely connect with different cycles of the boon. This is because of how the moon pulls on our bodies. Many women will fall in line with the full or new moons.

Some of us will last at a different point in the lunar cycle. Pay attention to where your period lands in connection to the moon to get an idea of what types of magic will be more powerful for you on your period.

During your cycle, you will have points of high energy and low energy. These can affect your magick but can be balanced out with proper self-care.

A healthy balanced diet and a quality multivitamin can help fight energy dips in your physical body leading to less drain on your energetic body to sustain you.

Use how you are feeling as a guild for whether or not you should be performing rituals or spells while on your period. Each month may be different from the last.

What kind of spells are good for while on your period?

Your period is the perfect time for magic centered around letting go of what no longer su9itrs you. Use this time for self-love spells, beauty spells, and magic focusing on releasing anxiety allowing for future growth.

This is the perfect time to cut ethereal cords, banish self-doubt, or break a curse.

How to use period blood in spells

If you choose to use period blood in your magic be sure to do so safely. Dispose of blood properly if you have any health concerns. Pouring menstrual blood into the ground or on fire can be a great way to use menstrual blood in your rituals.

Period blood makes a great addition to protection jars and spells because it represents a mother’s protection for her child.

To make collecting period blood for magick easy use a menstrual cup.

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