Simple Ways to Celebrate Ostara

Spring is coming and so is Ostara. Ostara this year takes place on March 20th 2021. Ostara takes place on the spring equinox when the day and the night are equal. This celebration is similar to that of more secular Easter celebrations. This is a celebration of spring and the rebirth and fertility of the earth. Most celebrate this time with dance and good food.

Symbols of fertility.

A great way to celebrate Ostara is to pull in the traditional symbols of fertility. The traditions of Easter were taken from Ostara traditions to help make converting pagans to Christianity easier. These traditional symbols of fertility make a great addition to your Ostara celebrations.

Celebrate divine feminine, and divine masculine in us all.

The spring equinox is one of the two times a year that day and night are in perfect balance. This is a great representation of feminine and masculine. Take a moment to celebrate both the males and females in your family and how we balance each other out.

Hold a bonfire.

Ostara is the perfect time to celebrate with the first spring bonfire of the year. Burch, ash, and alder all make great choices to burn in your fire for spring as they are early to leaf making a great representation of spring birth and renewal.

Bake a bread

Baking fresh homemade bread is a great way to celebrate most Pagan holidays. For spring I like to shape our homemade bread into rolls and top them with a brush of butter and honey or sweet cinnamon butter.

Work in the garden.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Ostara is to get my garden started for the year. I enjoy the feeling of the soil in my hands after the long, hard, cold winter. If we are still expecting another frost I make a point of at least cleaning out the garden beds and getting them ready for spring.

This is the perfect time to amend the soil with fresh compost for fertile garden soil.

Planting bulbs for early summer blooms is a great way to spend Ostara in the garden.

Spring cleaning

When the wheel turns to Ostara everything is fresh and clean in nature. This is the perfect time to refresh everything deep within your home. Gather the family, turn on some cheerful music and spend some time cleaning and clearing away winter dust and cobwebs.

The Magic of Ostara

Ostara is a wonderful time for magic to come to life before your eyes. Go for a walk and take a close look at the new life peaking through with fresh green grass and buds blooming on the trees.

Celebrate Ostara with Kids

Just like the way others celebrate Easter Pagan parents around the world often have big spring celebrations for their children taking part in activities and fun like hosting Easter egg hunts, doing crafts, and having a large wonderful dinner.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Along with dying eggs we like to get those little plastic eggs for the kids. They make some biodegradable plastic eggs that can be used year after year without the guilt of using plastic. One great way to use those is to make Egg Shakers with the kids to make some noise and dance to celebrate the coming of spring.