How To Attract Fairies

Fairies are mischievous little troublemakers when they come into your home. Always wandering off with shiny baubles. They can also bring gifts and blessings into your life. Inviting real fairies into your garden is a great way to enjoy them without having them wandering through your home.

If fairies have taken over your home you can invite them out of your home and into the garden where they can be happy and less meddlesome. With a little work, you can learn how to attract fairies to your garden.

How to attract fairies to your garden

Remember to be careful not to invite them into your home. Fairies are amazing and powerful forces of nature and they can be mischievous. They love to take off with anything shiny and inviting them in can leave you struggling to find everyday items way more often.

How to attract fairies to your garden

Out in the garden they can romp and play without causing much trouble in your everyday life. Always be respectful and kind when working with fairies.

1. Attract friaries with food.

Fairies love a good snack. Leave an offering of food and drink in your garden to attract them. Traditionally pails of treats were left outside doors to attract fairies. For a little fun, paint a small galvanized pail in bright glittery colors or use pretty teacups and fill with treats.

I like to use teacups and saucers with little bits of gold in the leaves of painted flowers or gold edging. What do fairies eat? Fairies love milk, cream, butter, honey, wine, and sweet baked goods.

The children often take out little offerings from cakes and cookies we bake. If you want a simple treat to attract fairies mix a little honey in milk.

2. Plant flowers to attract fairies

When you are planning your garden you should include plenty of flowers. Like bees and butterflies, fairies love to be surrounded by sweet fragrant flowers. If you are creating a fairy garden in your garden use this area to grow plenty of flowers.

Coneflower is one of my favorites. As the butterflies land on the blossoms, they look like they are wearing little skirts and become fairies dancing in the garden.

Violets are a sacred flower to fairies and planting them in your garden will please the fairies and show that you wish to grow plants that mean something to them. Fairies love to dance around bluebells. Planting them in your garden will call them to dance with you.

Flowers are not the only beneficial things to plant in your garden. Planting favorite fairy herbs is a great way to attract fairies to your garden. Lavender is a useful herb that blooms tiny brilliant purple flowers with a sweet aroma perfect for fairy gardens.

Rosemary is great for attracting kind-hearted fairies to your garden. If you intend to work with fairy magic Thyme is a great herb to grow both to attract fairies and to attract money.

Want to add fairy size flowers to your own little fairy garden. offers fairy flowers selected just for their small fairy garden-friendly size.

3. Attract fairies to your garden with water.

Fairies love water. Including a water feature in your fairy garden is a great way to attract them. I suggest a few water features for better results. If you have the room an artificial pond would be amazing. For smaller spaces, a birdbath or even a butterfly watering dish would work well for making a fairy size pond.

To create your own butterfly watering dish bury a pie pan in the ground. Add river rocks or your favorite crystals to the pan. Amethyst clusters are a beautiful addition. Fill with water leaving the top of the stones dry for butterflies to land.

4. Gather small shiny things

Fairies have a love of shiny things. This is why meddlesome fairies often wander off with jewelry, keys, crystals, and other sparkly shiny items. Fill your garden with crystals, mirrored pieces, and silver bobbles you come across.

Expect the things to come and go. Do not put anything out there that would upset you to find missing one day.

5. Add music to your garden

Fairies love music. Place chimes around your garden to invite the fairies to dance as the wind blows through your garden. Wind chimes are also a great way to add shine and sparkle to your garden in a way that would not wander off so easily.

6. Create a fairy house

Fairy houses and gardens are popular for their beauty but they can also be a very inviting thing for fairies you wish to visit you. If you choose to add a fairy house to your garden be sure to include all the same comforts you enjoy.

This will make it more likely fairies will come and live in your garden. Do not be surprised to find small creatures living in your fairy house. Welcome them as beloved guests.

7. Be kind and generous to wildlife

Welcome small creatures into your garden. If you wish to make your garden a place likely to attract fairies you need to be kind and generous to wildlife. Fairies see how we treat their friends and will refuse to work with us if we do not show kindness and respect to the earth and the living souls that inhabit it.

8. Be good to the earth

So often we think about what we want and not about how we are affecting the world around us. The fey love the earth and every part of it from the ground to the water to the living things that walk, swim, and fly upon it.

If you wish to attract fairies to your home, garden, and life, in general, you need to make an effort to be the kind of person they want to be around. Make an effort to be good to the earth.

:: Reduce the trash you create

:: Reuse, recycle, and make do rather than consume more

:: Clean up after yourself and leave natural spaces cleaner than when you arrived.

9. Leave offerings of magical ingredients.

Fairy magic is powerful magic but just like the spells you cast, fairies need ingredients. One of the most important ingredients you can leave as an offering is honey. Honey can be hard to come by for fairies as bees heavily guard it. They will be grateful to you for leaving an offering of honey.

Fresh-cut herbs and small easy to transport crystals are always a great option for leaving as an offering. Leave your favorites to help draw fairies similar to you to your garden.

10. Tell the fairies they are welcome

A wise woman Andrea once said to me that she doesn’t like to think of it as attracting fairies. “Rather I like to think of it as inviting.” This stuck with me. Fairies and fairy magic is extremely powerful and deserve respect as the powerful nature spirits they are.

Instead of just attempting to attract fairies to you call out to them and let them know they are welcome in the space you have created for them. That you are happy to have them join you in your garden and in the amazing world of magic.

Already have faires? Here is what to do when you have fairies in your garden.

What does a real fairy look like?

For most of us the fairies and forms of fae we connect within our physical world will not make themselves visible to us. This is for their safety as humans tend to destroy everything they get their hands on.

You may be blessed with a quick glimpse of a shadow or sparkle in the corner of your eye from time to time if your home is welcoming.

The fairies that live outside of our realm and have made themselves known to truly wonderful and trusted souls look like nothing more than very attractive people that if they please can easily blend into our world without you knowing.

How do you see fae for yourself?

If you want to see the fae for your self the best thing you can do is earn their trust. This means you need to be a good person inside and out. Spend your time helping others and helping to heal the earth and make it a better place.

You must of course believe and have no desire to see the fae for personal gain such as to get real proof that they exist and spread their secrets. These types of people will not be blessed with the opportunity to see and communicate with fairies.

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Where do fairies live?

Fairies live all around us. In nature, in the nooks and crannies of our homes and gardens, and even in the miracles and magic of everyday life. The fae that live in their own realm have beautiful flourishing natural homes and communities that blend and flow with the earth in a way many of us wish we could have.