Ways To Celebrate Lammas

Lammas or Lughnassadh is one of my favorite holidays. For some reason, as it rolls on by I start to feel more connected to the earth and my life starts to settle in.

I feel like this time of year life starts to fall into place after a rough start to the summer. Perhaps due to the nature of gratitude as we celebrate Lammas? Lammas is traditionally celebrated on August 1st or 2nd. This is halfway between Lithia the summer solstice and Mabon the fall equinox.

What is Lammas?

This holiday originated as a celebration of the god Lugh and was celebrated with a harvest festival in honor of his stepmother Tailtiu.

This holiday is all about being grateful for the first harvest of the year. Today it is traditionally celebrated by baking and using grains in your cooking. At this point, your garden is likely beginning to be ready to harvest odds and ends that make for a great moment of gratitude.

How to celebrate Lammas?


Lamas is a great time to spend the day in your garden. Clean up our garden, harvest anything ready to enjoy for the day’s meal, fertilize or feed your garden, and consider placing bird feeders a bit away from your garden to help feed the birds to provide for them and encourage them to not eat your ripening fruits.


My favorite way to celebrate Lammas is to bake fresh bread. I love to mix herbs in or decorating the top of a loaf. Sometimes I just look for a simple option and bake up a fun sun made of crescent rolls and stuffed with meat and cheese for quick and easy holiday lunch for my kids.

Gratitude journaling

When you want to attract good things into your life you need to be grateful for what you have. This tells the universe that you are worthy of having your dreams come true and simply enjoying a life of abundance. What better time to count your blessings than the first round of harvesting?

Go for a hike

Celebrating Lamas doesn’t have to be fancy and it doesn’t have to be done at home. Dive in and have some fun on a hiking trip to help keep your body healthy with plenty of fresh air. This is a great way to celebrate and enjoy every moment you can in life.

Visit a sunflower field. Many sunflower farms allow for people to tour and even allow for you pick flower picking. Take your camera and admire the sunset in a field of sunflowers.

Ways to celebrate Lammas with kids

Make flower crowns

Making flower crowns with summer blooms is a great way to celebrate Lammas and have fun with the kids. These flower crowns are perfect for wearing to your celebration or bonfire.

Build a fairy house with the kids for a fun activity using items from nature. This time of year there are so many wonderful things available to work with.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

Learn to make corn dollies together. This is a great pioneer lesson for the kids as well as a wonderful way to celebrate Lughnasadh.