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Welcome parents: Please be patient with me as I build this set of lesson plans. My goal is to start with the basics and work through several themes at a kid-friendly level.

These lesson plans can be adapted for use with children of all ages. I myself will be going through each unit with my own children ranging from toddlers to teenagers.

This first week we will begin creating your child book of shadows. This can be done with a simple notebook or binder. If your child already has one simply leave out that section of this week’s lessons.

For younger children that will not have a book of shadows just do the catering and grounding lessons showing them how to do them and talk about what they feel.

After discussing starting their own book of shadows we will discuss what magick is and basic centering and grounding skills your child will need for working magic and even helping them cope with difficult situations in everyday life.

The lessons are designed for you to read to your child and have links added to make it easy to explore concepts further if you need more information.

This weeks shopping list:

For lessons this week your child will need something to start their book of shadows. This would be fine as a simple notebook or binder with paper.

Pens, markers, colored pencils, or crayons to color and fill in their book of shadows.

Printer and paper for the printable pages. (optional)

Kids lessons:

Welcome to your first witchling lesson. Today we are going to start your book of shadows. This is where you will keep all of the things you learn this year in your witchling lessons and the magickal things you learn while exploring on your own.

This is a very special book that is all yours and no one else’s. Even if you have siblings that like to get into you your stuff or you normally have to share because sharing is nice this is a bit different. This is the special journal that is all yours and you should keep it in a safe place.

You will need a notebook or a binder with some paper and writing materials. Take a moment to decorate your book of shadows and make it personal. Inside write your name or your magical name if you have picked one.

What is Magick?

Before you can study magick you need to know in your heart what magick is. Yes, magick is real. But what is magick to you? Take a moment to write in your book of shadows what magick is to you. Don’t worry there is no right or wrong answer and this answer is likely to change in the future.

Centering your energy.

Centering is a great way to control your energy. When we work with magick it is our responsibility to beware of and control what our energy is doing. The best way to keep your energy under control when working magick or even when you are feeling stressed or emotional is to center your energy inside your body pulling it in tight.

To do this you need to find your center. This will be deep in your belly. As you pull your energy inwards you should feel a sensation in your belly from the energy gathering. This is your center and you can pull back to it at any time.

Centering is a great way to calm yourself when you are stressed or feeling anxious.

Grounding yourself

Grounding is connecting yourself to your to the earth is an amazing tool for helping find your balance in times of stress. Grounding your energy allows you to control your energy while working with magic as well as to pull energy from the world around you to aid in your workings.

Grounding can be done in a simple act of walking barefoot on the dirt or grass or by connecting to the heart intentionally by imagining a cord connecting you to the earth.


This optional copy work quote is also featured in the book of shadows printable.

“The first time I called myself ‘witch’ was the most magical moment of my life” – Margot Alder

Printable book of shadows pages

This free printable pack will help your child set up their book of shadows. This is totally optional and can be skipped if your child designed their own pages.

—> Start a Book Of Shadows Printable<—

Book suggestions for your little witchings library.

these books are weekly suggestions to pick up from the library or buy for your collection. These are not needed to complete the lessons above but make a great option for anyone looking to explore the topic of the week deeper or add reading to the lessons.

Brina A Pagan Picture Book is a delightful story of self-discovery that shows your little witching all the possibilities. This is perfect for young witchlings. Find free printables on the author’s website as well.

For older kids this week I would like to suggest Witchery Embrace the witch Within. This is the perfect beginner guild that takes a genital approach to ease into magic and can be a great read for the preteen to teen years as your witchling discovers the magick inside.