What is Magic? Is Magic Real?

So often people questioning the validity of magic and witchcraft. They think it is all a hoax, or smoke ned mirror illusions like popular stage magicians use. Children embrace magic and possibility but as adults, most begin to only trust what can be proven. If you tell someone you are a witch they will laugh and ask you to prove it, of course expecting nothing or a parlor trick they can prove is fake. Perhaps you are one of those people questioning. Perhaps you met a witch and are now questioning your belief in magic. This is all normal. While adults go through these revelations it is very common for children heading into puberty to question and even embrace magic. If you give magic a chance you may be surprised at what you find out about the world around you, about yourself.

What is magic?

Magic isn’t waving a wand and making things happen like you see on TV and in popular books. Magic is the closest word in the English language for the power within all natural living things. the ebb and flow of the very power that lives within the earth, trees, rocks, water, air, fire, and the very creatures that live on the earth. It is the power of the stars, planets, and celestial bodies that affect us in ways the average person does not even realize. What is magic? Simply Put energy, power, life.

Is Magic Real?

We grow up being told fairy tales and holding an unrealistic expectation for magic. So easily we look on that expectation and forget the very magic that flows around us. That feeling you get when you spot a beautiful sunset or a striking full moon. The whisp of magic that flows past us mixed in a cool fall breeze.

While most of us become conditioned to not see these everyday moments for the magic that they are Witches take a different approach to life. Witches know that they can manipulate the world around them with thought, intention, and things the very earth has given us. If you watch a witch work you won’t see magic but you can feel it in ways you never expected. Is magic real? Yes, it is.

What can you do with magic?

What is Magic? Is magic real? What can you do with Magic? Get the answers to your burning questions.

Really the possibilities are endless. You can manifest any outcome you want, draw money and abundance to you, or facilitate healing. The limits of magic are pretty much the limits of reality. You can not make things poof out of thin air but you can perform a spell full of your intention to make something happen, then put the energy the universe sends your way to work so you can make it happen. Magic is like prayer but with a boost from the power within the world around you. The truth is magic doesn’t solve all of your problems, it doesn’t stop life’s curves and punches from affecting you. Magic just levels the playing field a bit and gives you a fighting chance.

How has Magic changed over the years?

Magic has been around from the dawn of time. Once embraced by communities and cultures. Condemned and the base of a massive genocide at several points in time. Today Magic is both strong because of the freedom we now have. We can order chrystals and herbs from around the world and forum online communities much like this one to share knowledge. On the other hand, humankind has spent the better part of the past many years destroying the earth and the magic she has to offer. Every plant and animal that becomes extent takes its unique magic with them lowering the pool of magic in which practitioners and witches can draw from.

Where does magick come from?

Magic or Magick comes from the universe. A divine power each and every one of us is capable of bending and manipulating to our will. Magic comes from the vary energetic flow that makes the wind blow, the trees breath, and your heartbeat.

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Magic is infinite and you must only learn how to gather and manipulate magic to do as you wish for it to do. You can perform magic with only your mind and will or you can use tools to help you command energy where you want it to go.


  • Karin says:

    I would like to protect my home and family and try to put as much positive energy out the to counteract the evil in this world. I always beloved that everything is made of energy and that we could borrow this cosmic energy to do good in this world. We are in complete chaos today and have been in a long time. There is an imbalance I feel it everyday it’s actually making me ill. I’ve been an empath my whole like. It’s really hard these days to be one. Any help would be appreciated. I have many crystals

    • Grounded In the Earth says:

      I would start by burying black obsidian at the 4 courtners of your property. This will give you powerful protection. Inside burn a cinnamon stick and light a black candle to clear and absourb negitive energy to biring your home back into balance.

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