Connecting With The Dead

When you lose a loved one the impact can be devastating. While most of my life I had been blessed with just a few losses that truly touched me I have coped well due to my communicating with the dead since childhood.

Then this year I lost the only father I had ever known. The result was absolutely devastating.

While I was able to connect with him right away he wasn’t ready to communicate very effectively and had really only found me in an effort to get to my sister.

Yes, I felt some jealousy over that one. Never the less connecting with the dead can be a great way to heal from the trauma of loss and find guidance in your everyday life.

Connecting with the dead

What is necromancy?

Necromancy is the communication with the dead. Traditionally known as divination using the special powers of the dead. Often depicted as raising the dead or performing rituals in graveyards necromancy has gained a bad name other the years.

The truth is you do not need contact with a corpse, to wonder a graveyard, or perform a crazy ritual in an effort to perform necromancy. Rather necromancy can simply be communication between you and your loved ones that have moved on to the spirit world.

You may use necromancy to gain insight into the past, present, and even the future should the sprit you connect with be willing and knowledgeable to answer your questions.

Necromancy should be practiced with plenty of cleansing and protective spells to keep spirits and their energy from clinging to you.

A simple method for connecting with the dead

When dad first passed I went home and lit a 7-day candle. On the center of the stove where anyone could visit it without the worry of a fire should the candle get too hot.

I explained to the children that grandma pad moved on from this world to the next but that he can still connect to us here if we try.

This simple method gave everyone a chance to take a moment and talk to him when they felt ready. I lit a new one each time the last was almost out.

About a week later my husband’s father joined mine in the afterlife. I ha just change out the last candle for dad and grabbed a spare to burn for my father in law.

Explaining again to the young witches in the house how the candles are their own little phones to connect to their grandfathers.

That they may or may not get a reply but that their message will be heard. These candles also served as a guide to transition our loved ones from this life to the next. This gave us one last connection with our loved ones while we greaved.


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And tonight we add another candle for those lost to our family. May you have a smoothe transition into the next life.

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Sending messages and gifts to the dead

One of my children requested to send cards she made her grandpa to him. For Samhain this year we are planning a bonfire to send letters and gifts to my father.

I always find connecting so much easier at this point. This will line up with our day of the dead celebration. A bonfire is always a great way to connect with the dead.

Burning letters to help you greave and cope with loss can be a great way to help you heal from your loss. In the fire toss herbs to help you connect with the dead.

Herbs for connecting with the dead

  • Patchouli
  • Wormwood
  • Bay laurel
  • Mint
  • Cinnamon
  • Frankincense

Talking to the dead with a pendulum

One of my favorite ways to communicate with the dead when they are unable to speak to me clearly is to pull out a pendulum.

Some spirits are much more inclined to communication than others. A pendulum can act as a catalyst to communicate with a sprit allowing you to get simple yes and no answers.

Get a quality pendulum that you feel a connection with. A Quartz Crystal Pendulum is a good option for this as it has many uses.

We decided to make resin pendulums with just a sprinkle of dad’s ashes to connect with him directly.

Ouija Boards for connecting with the dead

A wise teacher of mine when I was young once told me “Never bring a ouija board into your home. This acts as a door for spirits to enter your home including ones you would never invite on your own”.

I have always headed her advice on this. While I am in no way shape or form afraid of communicating with the dead I do have limits on whom I want running around my home.

If you choose to use an ouija board keep it outside away from your personal space and be sure to always use protections including casting a circle. I subject using Black Salt as a protective element.

Cleaning up after connecting with the dead.

Sage is one of the most common and easiest ways to send spirits away when you are done communicating with the dead. Smudge with sage when you have finished connecting with the dead to send them away and clear out any energy they bring with them.

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Remember to be respectful as spirits are first and foremost people that deserve love and respect even though their earthly bodies are no more.