Using Sage to Cleans your Space

Sage is a powerful herb that had been used by generations to cleans areas. Smudge sticks are one of the most popular items sold in metaphysical shops. Readily available online with a verity of other smudge sticks. The use of sage originated in several ancient cultures and is most commonly associated with Native Americans today. Sage is great for calming and cleansing energy. Using sage to cleans your space is easy and efficant.

Why use sage to cleanse your space

Burning sage is one of the oldest ways to cleanse a person. The ancient Celtics would burn sage along with oakmoss for its healing properties in sacred rights. The Natives of the Amazon still burn sage and palo santo in ceremonies. Sage is truly one of the most valuable herbs for magick that spans many cultures.

Sage has a comforting aroma that can be used to calm and comfort those that have lost a loved one or are undergoing major emotional upset. This essentially allows a person to reset their energy when they need it most.

This cleansing works in other ways. Passing crystals through the smoke of sage helps cleans and reset their energy.

Burning sage is an easy and effective way to cleans a space while perhaps not the most pleasant smelling method of cleansing.

You can use other plants like lavender, cinnamon, and palo santo to smudge your home as well.

How to use sage to cleans your space

Quick and simple guide to cleaning your space with sage

When using sage to cleans your space it is important that you focus your intentions before you begin. For the best results focus on what you want from burning sage. What energy do you recognize in your space? What energy do you wish to feel after cleansing your space with sage?

The easiest way to burn sage is in dried sage bundles though you can burn loose dried sage with a charcoal disk. Only dry sage will properly burn and produce a clean smoke. Very dry sage will burn quickly so be mindful if burning a small bundle or the end of a bundle.

  • Use a fireproof dish to catch falling ashes.
  • Light your sage to get a good flame then blow it out so the remaining embers produce a strong smoke.
  • Carefully walk through your space blowing the smoke into untouched spaces that may be hiding energy.
  • Spread the smoke lightly do not fill the room with a heavy sage smoke.
  • Walk through high traffic areas and areas that need a cleansing of energy.

If you are not a fan of the smell sage leaves behind you can light incense or diffuses oils after to balance out the fragrance of the room with something a little more pleasing. Lavender is always a good choice.

Sage is a great option for the closet witch because cooking with sage is common and it will not look out of place in your spice shelf. Even sage bundles are becoming mainstream. Keep in mind many of the sage bundles sold are white sage an endangered plant that grows in a particular area of California. Instead, look for a classic green sage verity.

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If you want to try something different you can use lavender, cinnamon, or palo santo for smoke cleaning.