Magical Herbs To Attract Money You Can Grow In Your Home

Sadly money doesn’t grow on trees (unless maybe your a pecan farmer). If it could we would all be master gardeners living in the lap of luxury.

While you can’t grow a magical money tree in your house you can grow these magical herbs to attract money to your home. You don’t even need to be a hedge witch to grow a couple of pots of herbs in a sunny window.

Grow these hers to attract money to your home

Using herbs in your magic is a great way to boost your own natural energy and make your spell more powerful. There are many great easy to find herbs for money and wealth but something magical happens when you switch from dried kitchen herbs to growing fresh herbs around your home.

When you grow magical plants around your home you are allowing their energy to fill your space and infuse their power and magic into every part of your life.

For maximum effect grow these herbs in your garden and pots around your home as houseplants. Grow these magical herbs to attract money. Instead of using traditional fertilizers in your herbs try using beer for herb garden growth.

Great herbs to attract money you can grow at home

Basil is a great herb for growing at home. It can thrive in a sunny garden patch or in a pot in the window. Basil is part of the mint family. and is incredibly versatile in cooking.

Growing this herb will enhance your magic and your cooking. Basil can be used in magic for Money, love, and protection.

Oregano is an easy to grow herb many beginners start with growing in in pots. Oregano is a great boost for your money and prosperity magic and an amazing addition to your favorite Italian dishes.

This herb is a powerful antibiotic and can be used in spells for happiness, protection, love, and luck.

Grow these herbs to attract money in your home

I love growing thyme in the house and in the garden. This hardy herb holds up well even when forgotten.

The fragrance is strong and not old does it boost your money and prosperity magic it also is a great disinfectant that can help keep your family healthy. Thyme is a great herb to attract money and can also be used for healing, sleep, love, and courage.

Mint is a great versatile herb with plenty of varieties to choose from to find that perfect fit for you. Work mint into your money spells, add to your herbal medicine cabinet and enjoy in your water or lemonade on a hot summer day. Mint is great for working into your money, healing, and protection spells.

Personally, dill isn’t on my list of herbs I enjoy working with but it can be a great addition to your magical herb garden. Dill can be used for money, protection, and love magick. Growing your own dill is easy.

Give growing your own herbs in your home a try

Marjoram is a fragrant earthy herb that grows well in your yard and pots in your home. I love enjoying the benefits of growing plants indoors for both everyday life and spiritual practice, marjoram is a great option for the potted garden.

In magic you can use marjoram to attract money, love, protection, health, and happiness. This makes marjoram a valuable and uplifting plant to have around.

When it comes to plants worth growing chamomile makes a great choice. As a spiritual herb chamomile is relaxing and can help aid in spiritual growth.

Chamomile flowers will help attract pollinators to your garden but this herb can grow well indoors as well. Chamomile is used for money spells, to help calm and induce sleep, and has been used to help fight curses making is a great option for your magical herb garden.

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Not only will Catnip keep your cat happy it makes a great addition to your herb collection. Catnip is useful in money magic, love and happiness attraction spells and perfect for any magic involving your feline friends.

How To Use Herbs To Attract Money

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