Spells To Be Beautiful

As I searched for topics you are looking for I stumbled across the term “Spell to be beautiful” and instantly felt a ping of sadness. 7000 people search “spell to be beautiful” every month. The thing with beauty is that it is truly subjective. Each person you encounter will see you differently. Each person you encounter will see beauty in a different way. The good news is there are several spells you can do for beauty but they won’t show the way you imagine.

Spells to make your inner beauty shine and leave you youthful and beautiful.

Going into spells for beauty you need to have an open mind and be willing to experiment a little. Give these spells a try and see what works for you. Use these spells and magical ingredients to help you feel and show your true beauty to the world around you.

Beauty glimmer

This simple and effective glimmer is perfect for when you need a confidence boost. Use it in the same way you would mantras. Repeat this simple spell quitely in the mirror before walking into a situation in which you need others to see you as beautiful. This is great before going on stage for a speech or before walking into a big dance. Envision yourself surrounded by a beautiful glimmering white and gold light.

I am beautiful inside and out

A beam of radiance throughout

Let their eyes see

the beauty from deep within me

Enchant your makeup for beauty

The best way to enchant your makeup is to make it yourself pouring your intentions into them. I gathered a board on Pinterest of DIY makeup recipes to help get you started. If you are not big on making your own make up you can enchant any makeup with your intention of being beautiful in the eyes of yourself and other. I recommend you always include yourself when setting intentions to be seen as beautiful. We are the hardest on ourselves after all. Here are a few ways to enchant your favorite make up.

  • Leave rose quartz in your makeup bag
  • Light a white or pink candle and pass your makeup through the smoke
  • Smudge with a rose and lavender smudge stick
  • Place your make up in a singing bowl and play while envisioning your beauty shining from inside out

Make the most of your makeup magic by enchanting your brushes as well. These enchanted make up brushes make great wands for beauty magic.

 Acorn charm for youth and beauty

Acorns are associated with youth and beauty. Incorporating them into your beauty magic can help preserve youth and bring out your inner beauty. This is such a simple spell for beauty anyone can take advantage of it.

Search for 3 acorns. If you can find them all connected this gives them more power than separately. Alternatively, you can use a charm of gold or silver charm with 3 acorns. Charge your acorns under the new moon. Either wear in your hair or wrap with a few strands of your hair and carry in a charm bag.

Ginseng spell for beauty

Ginger well known for its youth-preserving properties. For a simple ginseng beauty spell wrap red thread around a ginseng root and carry with you. Finding Ginseng root may be a bit of a challenge. You can order online or check your local farmer market for a small bit of the root.

Easy Beauty Spells

These easy spells to be beautiful can help you find confidence quickly and easily.

  • Bath in lilac
  • Bath in the morning dew of Lady’s Mantel leaves.
  • Bath in the midsummers morning dew
  • Wash your face with honey and rose water
  • Gaze into a lunar charged mirror until you see the light shining from within
  • Bath with the water used to boil eggs

Herbs for Beauty

When it comes to magic one of my favorite tools is plants. They carry such a strong healing magic that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. These herbs are my favorite herbs for beauty magic.

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  • Rose petals are a great addition to your beauty magic. Make your own rose water or buy it premade and use as a tonic and toner for beautiful, clear, healthy skin.
  • Lavender is perfect for soothing skin whether it be from sunburn or just a rough day lavender can rejuvenate your skin.
  • Ginseng has been used through history to promote youth an beauty. The easiest way to obtain this by using a supplement.
  • Turmeric is another popular youth herb. This is great for fighting the effects of aging both inside and outside of the body.
  • Calendula makes a great tonic and tonner for the kin, kills germs that cause acne and can be used to extend the health and longevity of your appearance.
  • Witch Hazel is one of the most commonly used herbs for beauty. Apply to acne to help dry and clear it. Mix with bentonite clay to help clear impurities in your skin.
  • Jasmine represents beauty with its enticing aroma.

Chrystals for Beauty

Crystals make a great addition to any magic. These crystals are great for both adding to your beauty spells or taking advantage of beauty tools like face rollers made of these chrystals. Leave crystals in water to charge under the moon for washing your face. Give a crystal face mask a try to enjoy some pampering with these beauty-enhancing crystals.

  • Jade
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Moonstone