Crystals For Shadow Work

Crystals can be useful for everything in your life but when it comes to shadow work they can be a major guide to breaking deep into your shadow self and protecting yourself from harm while you do so at the same time. These Crystals are a wonderful addition to your shadow work.

Crystals for shadow work

These crystals will help you on your shadow work journey. They played a vital role in my journey and I am happy to share them with you. There are of course other crystals you can use. If you have any questions be sure to comment on them so we can help you on your shadow work journey.


Rhodochrosite is one of the biggest things that played a role in my growth as I worked past the person I showed to the outer world that was easily controlled and scared to step up.

I wore a set of Rhodochrosite beads around my neck or around my wrist daily for months while I went through some rapid growth. That growth took me from the girl that was scared of what would happen is she upset anyone to a woman that could look her childhood abuser in the eye and say “That will not work on me anymore.”

This crystal works on the heart and the energy field helping you to grow stronger and help you to learn how to be the person you are meant to be. It heals childhood trauma and helps you learn to be emotionally stable.

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is a great crystal that is easy to find just about anywhere. This crystal is great for encouraging self-love as you face the struggles of shadow work. When you do shadow work you are learning to love all parts of you. The light and the dark. Rose Quartz can help you find love for all parts of yourself.


Amethyst is a great healer. This crystal aids in dealing with grief. As you work your way through your shadow work you will quickly discover that you may feel grief over the past, over things you did, or things you did not do. this crystal will help you work past that grief so you can grow as a person.

This crystal is also great for helping to connect to your higher mental self. To truly do shadow work you will need to reach and embrace all parts of you including your higher self. Amethyst can help open your mind and your 3rd eye to make this connection easier.

Try keeping an amethyst geode near your bed or in your bathroom.


Selenite is a healing stone that can help to turn negative energy into positive energy. this can be a great tool for helping to turn your shadow work into something beautiful by helping you transmute your pain, heartache, and fear into something positive for your future.

I personally hand this above the doors to my home and to my bedroom. I keep small selenite wands around the house with things that need to be kept charged like crystals and tarot cards so even if I miss charging under the full moon they are still ready to go.

You can run a selenite wand down your body from head to toe as part of your cleaning bath ritual but be sure to not get it wet as selenite is water soluble.


This crystal is a major life changer. It can be a bit difficult to handle for newbies as the energy you will feel is extremely strong and can often be felt before you even open the package. This crystal will change your life rapidly so you should save it for the later stages of your spiritual journey.

For me, this one did some amazing things before the crystal literally ran away down by the river never to be seen again when it felt it was time to move on.

Simple At Home - Making Life Simple Again

This crystal is getting more and more expensive due to its limited supply. there are a lot of fakes out there so I suggest buying this crystal in person or from a reputable seller that you trust.