Black Candle Meaning

Many people are afraid to get started with using black candles in their spells and magick. This stems from racism that gives the idea that black is bad when it comes to magic.

The truth is when it comes to colors in magic black is one of the most powerful colors you can use. Today I want to talk to you about using black candles in your magic.

The spiritual meaning of a black candle

When you light a black candle you are harnessing this powerful color to use in your magic. The meaning of a black candle is protection, cleansing, and removing obstacles.

If you are looking for a candle to help protect your family, reduce anxiety, and fight obstacles in your way the back candle is perfect for what you need.

While the back candle has a different meaning in different cultures it is in general seen as a strong and helpful color rather than harmful.

How black candles are beneficial

When you look at the candle colors used in your candle magic you quickly see that black is not negative or scary in the least. In fact, black candles are great for removing negativity from your life.

Black candles can banish anxiety and help clear out dark stagnant energy from your home.

When I was caring for my grandmother the full moon always seemed to drive her made leading to all kinds of issues for the entire household. Lighting a black candle helped to clear away that energy she brought into the home so we could all feel calmer and our life would

Black candles are good for removing obstacles and if you find yourself feeling stuck or your manifestations not working out as you hoped.

How to use black candles in your magic

Black candles are good for a lot of things in magic but here are a few ways I really love to use them and that you can use to benefit your spells and family.

Breaking curses

Curses from elaborate spell jars to simply someone wishing ill will on you can through your life a curve ball. A black candle is a simple way to break a curse. Simply write the name of the person you wish to break the curse from onto the candle and burn it down.

Removing obstacles

Tall black candles such as 7 day candles or even large taper candles can be great for removing obstacles. If you find that your money magic doesn’t work out despite the fact that you have mastered the language of gratitude you will often find something else is at work.

Burning down a black candle before your next money spell or as part of your next money spell can help to cleaner away obstacles that may get in the way of the success of the spell.

Calm bad luck

If you find that the energy in your space is leaving you frazzled and leading to odd bouts of bad luck you may find that a black candle is just the trick/ Brungin a back candle in the center of your home can help to clear away the negative energy that is leading to what feels like bad luck.

Protection spells

Black candles like black clothes is highly protective in the energy world. When putting together a protection spell you want to use ingredients like Cinnamon, Black Salt, and black candles to your advantage.

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Psychic protection

Not only can black candles be a great aid in protection spell around your home and for people you love but they can also be a wonderful tool during meditation. Adding a black candle to your medication can help to provide some psychic protection when you are vulnerable.