Vanilla Love Spell Cake

My sister’s anniversary was yesterday and I cooked up a vanilla coke cake and while getting photos of it I realized just how much of a perfect love spell the cake would make.

This vanilla love spell cake is super easy and perfect for beginner kitchen witches and I have a few simple ways to add some magic to the baking. Check out this simple love spell cake to serve to the one you love.

It’s all about the intention

While this spell is a s simple as they come, just like everything else in magic it is all about intention. Take the time to really think about your desires and what you want to manifest during the entire cooking process.

The intention for your love spell cake is to bring affection, strength, and faith in your relationship to the forefront. This will help to build a healthy relationship based on love and trust between you and your partner.

While you mix your cake, while it bakes, while frosting, and even as you cut the cake focus on what you want in your relationship. This makes this simple love spell cake great for anniversaries where you are celebrating how far you have come.

Using vanilla in love spells

This cake is a simple as it gets but the vanilla is perfect for your love spell. Vanilla can lift the mood and relax the body and mind helping to facilitate feelings of love and desire.

Vanilla is often used as an addition to love and fertility spells. It is a common aphrodisiac that can be used to help attract feelings of love and lust.

Vanilla along with the sugar in this cake can help sweeten up your target to your intentions.

How to make this simple vanilla love spell cake

What you need:

:: Baking pan

:: 1 box of white cake mix

:: 1 can vanilla coke

:: 1 can of vanilla frosting

Baking your love spell cake

Start by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees and oiling your pans that you plant o use. For this I used a 7 inch spring form pan that fits well in my air fryer rather than using the oven in the summer heat.

You can use any pan you want. For this I made 3 think layers with my box of cake mix but you can easily make any shape you want it is truly all about the intentions.

Mix together your can of soda and box of cake mix. While you can do this using a mixer doing it by hand is best to really allow you to infuse your intentions as you stir.

Pour your batter into your pans and bake for the time listed ont he box for the type of pan you used. For me it was about 10 minutes for each layer int the air fryer.

Chill after baking and frost with your intentions.

How to add an extra boost to your vanilla love spell cake

If want to take this up a notch for your love spell there are a few simple things you can do.

Add in a dash of cinnamon to spice things up and bring some heat and passion to the relationship.

Add a sigil before frosting your cake or carve it into the frosting with a toothpick.

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Garnish with a string of fresh mint to freshen up a stale relationship.