What To Do About Fairies In The Garden

I love the fae so much. These magical beings with minds and hearts of their own. Spirits of the earth that surround us are camouflaged from the naked eye of most.

Last spring I encountered a beautiful glittering spirit that had taken on the form of a human nurse in an effort to help me when my father was leaving this life. I will forever be grateful to this spirit.

Today we are going to chat about the kinds of fairies that hang out in our gardens wondering the plants driving our pets a bit crazy and leaving the garden a place of peace and calm.

What To Do About Fairies In The Garden

How to tell if there are fairies in your garden

:: When you enter the garden you feel a sense of calm and happiness. A garden with fairies will leave you feeling light and happy, carefree almost childlike.

:: A garden teeming with garden fairies will grow well with strong sweet scents wafting up into the air as flowers thrive.

:: Wildlife loves your garden. A garden with fairies present will attract wild birds, hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.  Fairies love wildlife and will attract it to your garden with their light and calming magic.

:: Your pets start acting differently. Watch your pets closely for signs that there are fairies in your garden. Watch for your pet following movements when nothing is visible to your naked eye.

:: You find small shiny trinkets in your garden. Fairies love small shiny objects. Often these objects can be found where fairies frequent and can be a great sign that fairies have found your garden.

Why fairies are beneficial

:: Fairies are known for their hijinks, many people wonder why you would want faires in the garden. The truth is fairies are powerful magical creatures that can aid in making your garden thrive. In fact, fairies are so good for your garden you want to attract fairies to your garden.

:: Fairies love wildlife and attract beneficial insects that help protect your garden from pests.

:: Garden fairies love flowers and will help your garden produce more blooms.

:: Fairies can aid in your everyday magic making them a great partner to have.

What to do if you have fairies in your garden

What To Do About Fairies In The Garden

:: When you discover that you have these magical creatures running around your garden you want to take advantage of their presence.

:: Show your fairy guests respect. These beings deserve to be treated with love and respect so be sure to be respectful when making requests.

:: Bring the fairies offerings. Fairies love flowers, honey, and milk. These each make great gifts for the fairies as they use them in their magic.

:: Plant flowers fairies love such as violets as a thank you for joining you in your gardening adventures.

:: Call upon your fairies to help your garden thrive. As you walk through your garden ask them for help caring for the plants and wildlife that live within your garden.

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:: Ask the fairies to join you in your magic working. These powerful beings can help you do more.